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The Kardashian Christmas Card Is Here!


The Kardashian/Jenner clan just released their annual holiday card -- and this year, it's in 3D!

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Bruce, Rob, Kylie, Kendall, Lamar, Scott and little Mason all went glam for this year's photo shoot -- with the entire family wearing black except for mama Kris, who sparkles in a green sequin dress.

According to Kim's official website, the card was shot by photographer Nick Saglimbeni and can be viewed in 3D when the correct glasses.

"I love our family Christmas cards shoots and I think this one looks amazing!" she added.

Check out some more closeups from the card above -- plus see the Kardashians' many holiday cards through the years.

Our favorite: The one with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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tawnysmom:  1136 days ago

yes, i'm sick to death of these people, too! they contribute ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to society!! however, is mason not just the cutest little thing ever?!?!

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barnyardhumor:  1136 days ago

Horrible design but since Kris Jenner is publicizing the photographer and designer I guess they get it for free. Kylie looks like Michael Jackson.

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mebrat24:  1136 days ago

This family thinks they are better than any one else and has the money to prove it. They have sold there soul and there father would be so ashamed of them and there mother.

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mebrat24:  1136 days ago

So the mother cheated on her first husband and obviously when he died, he left his estate to his children, not his cheating ex-wife. So she pimps her children to get what she missed out on. What did Bruce Jenner ever see in her? And now she's got him dying his hair black and getting a facelift to look like a Kardashian. The family is disgusting. But they will continue to make tons of money and continue to flaunt it in our faces until the public boycotts everything they touch. Please, America, we are 300 million strong. WE HAVE THE POWER TO GET RID OF THE KARDASHIANS!

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J:  1136 days ago

What happened to Bruce's 4 children...Are they not TRASHY enough to be included? Shame on you Bruce...

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willie1:  1136 days ago

This isn't a christmas card. It's.. hey look how powerful we look. They do look like a bunch of friggen photo shopped mannequins standing in front of 3 boobs(this photo has been cropped for this site), or a heard of ho's with 4.5 castrated sheep (waiting for a rant from Rosie, the ultimate Hodashian groppie)...Kris Jenner is getting fat and this definitely not a reality shot. This is nothing but a WTF!

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Lovatic1999:  1136 days ago

What was men's warehouse having a sale. Buy one get a picture for your crappy Christmas Card. Come on people, they're not the addams family.

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willie1:  1135 days ago


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willie1:  1135 days ago

HLN is blasting them now! Comparing them to Pari******on and Heidi & Spencer Pratt. It's great! Were not haters, we are just fed up being forced fed a daily diet of hodashian

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Elizabeth:  1135 days ago

Ever since the sh_t hit the fan, it seems like everything they do is fake. My daughter was a fan. Thank God, no more. So thank you Kim K! Really hated my daughter looking up to someone like you. Always thought you were a terrible role model for girls with your materialistic ways and now 2 failed marriages.

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Hisjules:  1135 days ago


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buxxy:  1135 days ago

Why is this picture such a 'big deal'? More of their lame self promotion. HK...who cares.

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Kim:  1135 days ago

I find people's devotion to this family ridiculous, not surprised its mostly women. Did you folks hear the latest?? One of Kim K.'s buds is breaking up marriages, awesome right? Quick ladies go get your daughters and tell them to follow by the numbers!!

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sparkle:  1135 days ago

Christmas cards are supposed to show a warm, loving family. I don't see that here. This is all about publicity. Typical Kardashian. As for all the men, they have all been neutered. Kris H. said it best when he told them he wasn't going to lose his balls to the Kardashian women like Scott and Bruce had. He's lucky Kim dumped him. Hopefully he he sees the blessing. I just hope he actually gets the annullment so that he can tell what really went on in that marriage and with that family. They get away with too much and they need to learn that not everything can be bought and paid for.

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Chris:  1135 days ago

If you look at the shadows it is clear that this was taken in sections and no more then 3 were in any 1 shoot. This picture is as fake and plastic as they are

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