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Real Housewives: Two Confrontations at The White Party From Hell!

Housewives and house parties just don't mix -- and on last night's "Real Housewives from Beverly Hills," Kyle Richards' White Party left her reeling from not one, but two BIG confrontations.

The first occurred when Brandi Glanville thought the bash would be a good place to clear the air with Kim Richards after their brutal Game Night showdown earlier in the season. It wasn't.

Kim unloaded on Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife, saying she had the mouth of a "truck driver" and telling her "Don’t even apologize, it’s not worth it. I don’t accept your apology."

The two kept going at it until Kyle stepped in, telling Brandi she was "sorry" for her sister's actions.

If only that was the only big blowout of the night.

Kyle, husband Mauricio, Adrienne Maloof, her husband Paul Nassif and Lisa Vanderpump all met Taylor and Russell Armstrong in front of the party as they arrived -- and promptly told them they had to go home.

While they said they texted and called Taylor, the they couldn't get through to her, causing the incredibly awkward scene. The group was uncomfortable with Russell being there after he sent Camille an e-mail threatening to sue her if she kept talking about his alleged abuse towards Taylor.

The two left, leaving Kyle in tears as she went back into her party.


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Tinalouise:  1140 days ago

These women are pathetic! Taylor is a drama queen liar. She was kissing her husband and acting all lovey dovey with this supposedly horrible wife beater husband of hers and Kim flat out acted like a 12 year old child fighting with Brandi..and then she tried to get her daughters!!! Brandi kept her composure quite well because I really do not know if I would have been able to stand there and listen to her without knocking her the eff out!!

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Dee:  1140 days ago

I saw nothing but lips...... OMG!

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liquid kitty:  1140 days ago

The *thump* you heard was the sound of Kyle throwing her "friends" under the bus. You don't go chasing down a liar to apologize at the expense of others. Who in their right mind makes so many consistently poor judgement calls? Until last night I thought Lisa was the smartest of the lot. Again, you want to ask Lisa which to her is the priority (keep in mind Lisa this is not a multiple choice question) *feeling badly* for Taylor, or removing yourself from the very real threat of a couple who are proven to be liars and looking to make a *fast buck* through litigation? As of last night it would seem that Paul is the only one willing (or able) to be the voice reason (while Adrienne tries to hush him). Kyle vomiting "I've been friends with her longer" is yet another example of being out of touch and behaving like a mean girl.
The idea that Taylor suffered with Stockholm syndrome in her alleged abuse at the hands of her spouse just don't fly here.
Now, to the other train wrecks....Shame on all the housewives for allowing Kim to continue her assault on Brandi. Alcoholism is the addiction and her mouth is as much a problem as the bottle. Trying to bring her daughters into the fray "My daughter also has something to say to you" was pathetic, sad and frightening. Friends and family should be protecting those girls.
Lastly, Dana....
I have a sneaky suspicion that any day now we will see her rip the camera from one of the crew's hand, train it upon herself professing she is newest housewife. Move over Theresa there's a new crazy in town. Who brought her into the fold? Right, the other contrived crazy TAYLOR.

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mcccmar:  1139 days ago

everyone DOES realize dont they that this is all scripted - the richards sisters kyle and kim are veteran child actors and most of the cast have been in show business for years - anyone who thinks thi s drama is REAL is only testifying to their acting ability

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