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Pregnant Beyonce Sports Baby Bump, Fuller Face

Beyonce is finally starting to show!

The 30-year-old mom-to-be stopped by a store appropriately named Curve in Soho to do a little late-night shopping.

Beyonce sported a fuller face and a noticeable baby bump under her black shirt and leather coat. She was still styling though, sporting animal print leggings, buckle boots and a gigantic Hermes handbag.

The singer is keeping her due date secret for privacy reasons, so we can't tell you how far along she is! But this time next year Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z will be celebrating baby's first Christmas!

Click on the "Launch Gallery" below for more of Beyonce's maternity style!

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Comments (8)

Taunya:  1132 days ago

I do agree that she is starting to "look" pregnant. She looks beautifully stylish as ever.

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willie1:  1132 days ago

The way her stomach folded on a talk show, I want believe that she's not faking it until she show the belly. Face it some celeb's don't want to body f*ck up and do used surrogates.

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Kat:  1132 days ago

Her face doesn't look "fuller" at all. She's just not wearing all that contouring makeup that she normally wears that make her cheekbones pop.

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Hisjules:  1132 days ago


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You people are ridiculous! Obviously you have never been pregnant - either way, whatever she wants to do is her business. She could walk around butt naked and people would still have something to say. H8TERS!

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diva20:  1126 days ago

No she is not pregnant nor does she look pregnant she has been eating and botoxing it up. Nothing about her scream i'm pregnant i'm just suprise she would keep this charade going. No baby shower pictures, no dr appt pictures, no real weight gain, no darkness around her neck certain things happen when you really get pregnant but this chick all the money in the worl can't stop nature things that happen when you are pregnant.

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luvjonz:  1125 days ago

As much as I like her, and will continue to listen to her music, I am having my doubts about this pregnancy! She is always in the spotlight, so where are the pregnant pics on the magazine covers like everybody else?? Diva 20 made some valid points. No dark neck, a little swelling in the ankles, an enlarged nose, where are the pregnancy features other than the rotatable"baby bump" IJS.......

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Mzmartin777:  1115 days ago

She's lying all around the board! She was NEVER pregnant and money $$$$$ talks n bull**** walks🚶🚶🚶!!!!!!!! But when ur a celeb and u want to fool ppl, u can have n do whatever u like (in my TI voice) oh but God will deal with her for lying! Like Bobbie Brown says "it's her prerogative". So with that being said, She Like it, We the ppl of the USA should LOVE it!!!!!!! After All she's NOT PAYING ANY OF MY BILLS! Pow!!!!!!

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