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"Teen Mom 2" Star Jenelle Evans: Is This Her New Man?

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head
"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans doesn't necessarily have the best track record with men -- and now, she's locking lips with a new guy!

"New years kiss :)" the troubled reality TV star tweeted on the 1st, with a photo of her kissing rumored beau Gary Head.

Though she repeatedly calls him her "baby" all over Twitter, Jenelle insists they're not officially together ... for now. "He isn't my man yet," she tweeted after fans continued to write in.

If it does become something more, hopefully it turns out a little better than her last relationships.

Her baby daddy, Charles Andrew Lewis, bolted after she had son Jace, ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp is in jail and her latest man, Jason, reportedly cheated on her.

Comments (8)

lestergal:  1121 days ago

Typo...paragraph 4 should begin "If it..." not "It it".

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Adrienne:  1121 days ago

i like his shirt lol

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Andrea:  1121 days ago

She is such a train wreck!!!! She needs to be concerned about her son instead of jumping from one dead beat to another!!

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Tinalouise:  1121 days ago

worry about your son idiot, grow up and do something with your life for once.

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TheMarshmallowMan:  1121 days ago

Fvvcking trash

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DobermanX:  1120 days ago

Oh god this foo looks like a fugly ass dummy I hope this girl can focus more on her kid then putting a man first... She needs to go to court and get custody back and yeah maybe do a rehab program, parenting classes and anger management while staying clean and yeah in 6 months she can have her son back!! How hard is that girlfriend?? Quit being a fiend for the **** and the weed lol

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tori:  1119 days ago

This girl is desperate to be loved by anyone so she'll take anyone. She needs couseling to build her self esteem. She should join some type of group that gives back to their community,someone less fortunated then herself so that she appreciates what she has. She can be rehabilitated but but she needs emotional/metal help to do so.

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@chanelmoony:  1115 days ago

Its so sad that men take more of a priority in her life than her own kid. She needs to stay single any man that would date a woman/girl who doesn't take care of their child isn't worth having. @chanelmoony

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