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Kyle Richards: Kim & Ken Have Split

Kim Richards
has split from boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld -- and sister Kyle doesn't seem to broken up about it.

Kyle was a guest on "The Wendy Williams Show" yesterday, where she revealed her troubled sister and the 46-year-old businessman are no longer a couple.

Of Ken, Richards also added "I was never a fan."

Kyle, who is currently promoting her new book, "Life Is Not a Reality Show," also said her sister was still in rehab, is "doing really well now" and will leave "when she's finished."

Comments (3)

Lilly Pad:  1124 days ago

Saw this guy on RHOBH, Ken, and he came across as being abusive and controlling. Poor Kim, she is sooo desperate for her sister's approval,....she'll reach out to any thug who will pay attention to her, very sad. Have to salute Kyle always standing by her sister,.....she needs that right now.

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kristine ennis:  1124 days ago

I am so glad to hear Kim is no longer with Ken!!!! Yayayyyyyy
I know she wants to have a man in her life as kyle has in hers, but he will patient a little bit longer, don't settle!!!!

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Morena:  1123 days ago

omg he is sooo ugly

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