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Angelina Jolie Look-alike Takes Web By Storm -- See The Resemblance!

Some people claim to look like famous celebrities.

Lina Sanz can definitely make that claim. The Spanish beauty is the spitting image of Angelina Jolie -- from her full lips to her high cheekbones.


Lina is already putting her looks to work -- she's been studying acting for three years and hopes to one day work as Angelina Jolie's double. Check out the uncanny resemblance -- especially when she lets her hair down -- below!

Wonder if there's a Brad Pitt double out there?

Comments (18)

Jess:  1121 days ago

WOW! She really does look like Angelina. Very beautiful.

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Glenda :  1121 days ago

Yes she does resemble Angelina. Wish I had her hair, it's beautiful.

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bunny:  1121 days ago

She does look and sound like her. She'll have a Brad Pitt v2 in no time.

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Hisjules:  1121 days ago


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Truth:  1121 days ago

Hahaha, this interview resemble that of porn vids... and they also have chics doing the interviews just like this vid before the girl goes down. Just sayin... #Truth!!

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Marsy:  1121 days ago

older miley cyrus

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Roberta:  1121 days ago


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Not Fooled:  1121 days ago

Ummm...WOW! To say she is Angelina's doppelganger is an understatement!! I seriously want to see some DNA reports - this has got to be a long lost sister or even her daughter. You always see people claiming to look like a celebrity, but rarely do they have the same eye shape, eyebrows, profile, bone structure, lips, teeth - the whole deal!! It's almost off-putting to watch her

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Sociopaths are Sad:  1121 days ago

I wouldn't say she's a twin for Angelina Jolie, at least not now that Angie's had a lot of plastic surgery.

But she does resemble Angelina Jolie pre-surgery. I wonder how old Lisa Sanz is? She's got a bit of a mischievous look about her doesn't she?

There's a BLIND ITEM out there that many people think is about Angelina Jolie. The blind is about a very famous A-list star having had a daughter when she was very young - a teen - and giving her up for adoption. A daughter that was the product of the woman (then a teen) sleeping with a person "she had no business sleeping with". The blind also said that the daughter was BENT on entering the woman's life and the entertainment biz and would cause trouble for the woman. At the time, I thought it was just here-say, but now?

The BLIND could very well be about Angelina Jolie. This could be her daughter that Angie had as a teen. With someone who Angie had no business sleeping with - her brother, perhaps?

This girl has the same overbite as Angie, the same height, very similar features (same nose pre-nose job). And, if this girl is the product of Angie and her brother (or relative), then she would look REALLY similar to Angie.

I think there is much more to this story than meets the eye. I think this girl is Angie's daughter.

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girl:  1121 days ago

my advice for her is to go track down brad pit in a dimly lit room or dark room and go make out with him. hell think its angelina

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Superman:  1121 days ago

Yeah, she looks more like a older Miley Cyrus. She doesn't have the nose job and other plastic surgery on her face to be Angelina Jolie. And her mouth is way bigger than Jolie.

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Mangymutt:  1121 days ago

ok so she looks like angelina jolie. SO? Hollywood already has an Angelina jolie and that's Angelina Jolie. What's the point? You want to be unique in hollywood, not someone who looks just like someone else in hollywood who is already an A list actor. That's like a band saying," we sound just like Maroon 5" ok so what? You have to have your own sound or no one cares. This woman shouldn't bank on her looks getting her any roles other than B movie roles that want her to look and act just like angelina jolie. She's perfected her Angelina look and mannerisms down to a tee, but if she were really serious she would try to not bank on her angelina look and just be herself.

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YBTo:  1121 days ago

yes she sure looks like Angelina Jolie but it doesn't say how tall she is
Angelina is 5 ft 8 in tall

and seriously I hope this young woman has other aspirations than just looking like someone famous

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A Real Lawyer:  1121 days ago

Let's just hope this girl doesn't grow up to be a cold, heartless man stealer.

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saynotolies:  1120 days ago

HOLY CRAP!!!!! She's the spitting image of Angelina!! She also has natural beauty too!!

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