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Drew Carey Mauled By Zealous "Price Is Right" Contestant

Many people dream of the day their name is called on "The Price Is Right" followed by the words, “Come on down!”

For Destiny Ramsey, that dream came true Wednesday. Not only did she get called for a spot on Constestant's Row, she guessed the closest bid and won a chance to compete for more prizes.

A shoeless Ramsey sprinted to the stage and leapt into host Drew Carey’s arms, throwing him against the wall. A visibly shocked Carey collected himself and yelled out to the crowd, “The future Mrs. Carey!”

Ramsey wasn’t done though; she set her eyes on Neil Patrick Harris, who was co-hosting for Celebrity Charity week. Watch what unfolded, below!

Destiny definitely had luck on her side. She went on to spin a perfect 100 on the Big Wheel to earn an extra $1000 and a spot in the Showcase Showdown, where she narrowly lost.

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Comments (6)

Ozzie X:  1122 days ago

That chick needs to get off the meds.

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Manda:  1121 days ago

hahahahah I think it's funny.

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Superman:  1121 days ago

Funny. Maybe it will make Neil become straight again.

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Jdawg:  1121 days ago

Was she trying to get Pregnant?

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princesspr:  1119 days ago

ooooh come on! have to love things like that!

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princesspr:  1119 days ago

ooooh, come on! You have to love stuff like this!

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