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Justin Bieber: The New Jesus Tattoo!

media_removed_toofab 102011

Justin Bieber
has got himself some religious new ink!

While Justin and his father already have the name "Jesus" tattooed on their torsos, the pop star showed off some new body art yesterday in Los Angeles.

So ... what'd he get this time? Check out his calf -- that's definitely the face of Jesus.

Justin also has a bird on his hip.

No word yet what Selena thinks of his new tattoo ... but what about you? Sound off below!

Check out more celeb ink in the gallery above.

Comments (30)

RM:  1121 days ago

Why is Jesus' eyes rolled up towards his head? Weird.

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mona:  1121 days ago

The tattoo is based on the image of Jesus called "Ecce Homo" or "Behold the Man," the word spoken by Pilate. The eyes are generally depicted looking upward toward God.

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John:  1121 days ago

What a stupid mistake to deface his body with a tattoo of a fictional character.

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Steve:  1121 days ago

@John you make atheists sound dumb(not that they need the help) when you spout off like that. What do you have that proves that he is fictional? At least there is historical do***entation from multiple different sources that claim he was indeed real. Enlighten us with the historical sources that claim he is fictional and I, as well as others, will be more than willing to listen. Until then dont be a weak lemming and believe what others influence you to believe. Educate yourself through research.

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Peter:  1121 days ago

@John, Jesus was a historical figure. Look it up...

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Meadow:  1121 days ago

It means something to him and of all the tattooed people I've ever seen, he could of gotten something utterly stupid. Think Steve-O.

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beyunkahROX:  1121 days ago

He is so homosexual!

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Oregon Jeff:  1121 days ago

For all you bible thumpers that think this is ok, here, by your own book, is why it's not.

Leviticus 19:28. "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD."

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evanescence:  1121 days ago

i bet his career is going to somehow end like Aaron carters anyways is two too much for a 17 year old? i mean really 17 might as well get a piercing instead or something

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Steve:  1121 days ago

@Oregon Jeff LOL good come back. Esp for a lemming. Now go find your cliff and do your thing.
And BTW, next time if you want to sound smart, read the post before you reply.Just a little tip for my furry friend. Go now, jump...

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special agent g:  1120 days ago

i wound up on this ridiculous page while searching to see if in fact a shark went down the slide at the Atlantis resort and enciuntered this is Jesus a fictional or historical character. Strictly from the point of material evidence, like a coin with Caesar's image stamped in it and contemporary do***ents, there is no physical record of Jesus. That and the fact that the Jesus story and birth calendar is identical to many other religious figures, like Horus (3000BC), Attis (1200BC), Krishna (900BC), Dionysus, Mithra, lead some to think JC is similarly mythical.

This does not retract one bit from the power of his story. Personally I wish everyone lived a Christian life. Especially Christians who advocate war and different kinds of hate.

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Anyla Johnson:  1118 days ago


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TD:  1117 days ago

The "Jesus Myth" hypothesis (the notion not only that certain parts of the Jesus story might not be literally true, but that the figure of Jesus himself is fictional) has zero scholarly legitimacy. It's propagated online by pseudo-scholars like Acharya S. and eager pubescent atheists and skeptics. The truth is, it's rarely been addressed in scholarly circles because no serious scholarly argument has been advanced in its favor. The explosion of do***ents referring to Jesus, the development of a fast-spreading community that was devoted to Jesus' teachings, the willingness of the early apostles and early Christians to die for the truth of the story, all together make it clear that Jesus was indeed a historical person. Put differently: we have more historical evidence for Jesus than we do for almost any other person in ancient history, and if we cannot believe that Jesus existed then we may as well throw out the entire methodology of historical study.

Further, the notion that Jesus' story mimics the stories of other ancient religious figures is absurd. It's easy to make a superficially convincing case if you're willing to play fast-and-loose with those stories, and with Jesus story, to produce faux parallels. But when you look at the details, the whole argument falls apart.

See the work of R. T. France or Ronald Nash if you want to read actual, scholarly treatments of these things. Or if you want something online, see this four-part series -- I'll link to the fourth part, since it includes links to the other three:

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ksmith934:  1117 days ago

What is wrong with you people?, ive never posted a comment on anything but since my 11 yo loves Justin Bieber I checked this out and what do i find ? people who havent figured out that whether you believe in God or not, common decency is what is supposed to drive us and keep us from name calling and ugliness. common decency(God or no God) TRY IT!

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Sweeter Peter Palpin:  1117 days ago

just-sin beaver is go-king to have a huger than any huge god all mighty who created his man god fraud fever! and this is for god dam sure! he is not pure! he is a aro-gint pimp!! not built like a chimp more like a gimp! and so why does he always walk around every town around like he is better letter to letter then every one else when he is not even body stealth! yeah he has a nice face but when the light God disgraces that face and you add that to his wide waste and wide hips with arnold schwarzenegger grip and fat chips! and nips! in other words you are not suppose to think your better letter to letter no matter how many gifts and rifts! but look at this! and what is more dis-pick-a-bull and da-plor-a-bull and ill more a bull and more than any dis-honer-a-bull and horrible than knowing for god dam sure the one and only god all mighty the one and only king of all kings is down here like never ever b 4 the one and only for ever more and you are a smart ass kid!! that who really adoors!? and look he is will-king and not at all chill-ing to be go-ing to war with the one and only god all mighty that just-sin beaver knows 100% for god dam sure is the one that is do-king and even doing the now wow kapow 29 hu-min-lee impossible things thru the skin of sweeter peter palpin! who just-sin is so so so so so envy-us and jelly-us of! and its not even cuz the one and only dove of love is do-king all of those hu-min-lee impossible things the oen and only king of all kings thru peter sweeter palpins brand spank in new super hero 22 year old muscle tiny hips no grips full of chips tiny round ass body! and so he hates the fact that peter sweeter at 55 on his birth certificate even in tripliate is far far far far far more hot-T then he will ever be for the rest of his what at the most 111 year life time! looks he almost 20! he only got what 80 more years at the most down here! and so that goes by in a blink of a eye and then he will have to say hi to who wo wo wo wo? wo wo wo wo? a. jesus or b. the oen and only god all mighty that created that man god fraud named jesus! the one and only judge and jury that you all do know yo is the one with all of the human lee impossible furry! but you dont and gont want pete t sweet t to know what you all know and what we know yo! hell low how are you wo wo wo wo
wo wo wo wo!

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