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LeAnn Rimes: Check Out Her Latest Teeny Bikini!

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LeAnn Rimes
is back on vacation again -- and you know what that means: A ton of bikini pics!

The super skinny singer always loves to flaunt her tiny frame in even tinier swimsuits while in tropical locales with husband Eddie Cibrian, and her latest trip to Hawaii is no exception.

The 29-year-old hit the beach with one of her friends yesterday, where they both showed off their bods in some sexy swimwear.

The sighting comes days after LeAnn blasted rumors from her Twitter followers that she can't get pregnant, writing "Please stop discussing my ovaries ... I have never even tried!"

She added "It takes some couples a long time to conceive and some never can ... when it comes to me and all the speculation I have to laugh."

Check out all the bikini beach pics above.

Comments (16)

MeccaDon:  1124 days ago

please she need to eat. she has a body like a boy, who wants to get with that. her face use to look decent NOW...ugly kicked in.

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Tinalouise:  1124 days ago

haha! she is obviously watching Housewives because Brandi had on a skimpy bikini like this and looked pretty damn good..jealous much LeeAnn? Pretty sad that she thinks this is a competition and feels the need to one up the ex wife after cheating with her husband.. she has turned into a piece of trash and nothing more.

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WTF:  1124 days ago

You people criticizing her body must be real fat couch potatoes with disproportional body shapes. You may not like her, but her body is fine, she is not unhealthy skinny, she is toned like you all should be. Her body is very Brazilian like. Her bikini is also Brazilian style. You guys should get out your couches and get to know the world. Only Americans are fat.

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david:  1124 days ago

she does look like a boy with bad spaced out implants....way too skinny....and face looks much older than 29....thats one ulgy chick

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Tinalouise:  1124 days ago

WTF needs to get off of her high horse an one but no one is jealous of LeeAnn or her body. Actually, his ex wife has a better body and she has had 2 kids!! LeeAnn should be focusing on her singing instead of trying to please her douchey husband who obviously only wants a stick for a wife who does nothing but cater to his wants and needs. Her whole life now is hanging on a beach with him, get your career going again because beauty fades dumb is forever.. I love Judge Judy!

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FlamingoNut:  1124 days ago

These pics are much better than those we've seen of her in the past, with the exception of the one of her down in the sand. Nasty chest. Brandi's still prettier.

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RM:  1124 days ago

Her body is fine and great a**. But her chest is scary.

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Manda:  1124 days ago

I think she looks a lot better than the last bikini pictures that came out. I kind of like the way she looks now. To me looks like she gained just a little more and I think she looks great.

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lady:  1123 days ago

OMG...Leanne looks super great! She is not to skinny at all. Come on people be truthful with yourselves. Jealousy is the root of evil in so many ways.
I watch that brandi on the housewives and trust me she is not a nice person. She is actually into women more than men, but guess you will just have to wait for that story to break. Brandy is not pretty inside or the outside. She has a very trashy mouth and most fans of the show want her gone!!!

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Merc:  1123 days ago

Who cares about the skank bag Rimes.
Who's the hot friend?
Rimes is a has been joke, that is just doing all these bikini pics because she gets press for them.
If the media would stop making news out of nobody's and has-Belen's, then the Rime's, Hilton's, and Kardashian's would follow their natural course and fade away to what they truly have always been, ........ NOTHING!!!

Seriously, who's the friend?
She's the true hottie in these pics!

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david:  1123 days ago

this thing looks like a woman hips or azz....and boobs look like implants poorly put on a skinny boys body.....look at the gap between its boobs....the fact that it thinks its hot makes it worse....take it from a regular ol guy....we dont think thats hot at all...theres no womanly curves

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justaguy:  1123 days ago

Her ass looks delicious!

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A Real Lawyer:  1118 days ago

I'm sure lots of men would do her if they put a bag on her head. Her face is very ugly. Squinty eyes and black brows all the while insisting on dying her hair blonde over and over is NOT attractive. She's fugly.

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