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Jessica Simpson Sports Huge Baby Bump

Jessica Simpson has two babies on her way: her first child (with fiance Eric Johnson) and a reality TV show called "Fashion Star."

The mom-to-be attended the Television Critics Association panel for her upcoming fashion design competition, joined by host Elle Macpherson and fellow mentor Nicole Richie.

Jessica was glowing and gorgeous, but looked gigantic next to supermodel Elle and petite Nicole. Her dark green dress seemed to cling her curves; and she hinted it did not come from a maternity line.

“I definitely look at comfort, I buy bigger sizes,” she spoke of her pregnancy style. “I haven’t really gone to maternity clothes because I don’t really love maternity stuff.”

Jessica Simpson pregnant

“The next thing you will see from the Jessica Simpson collection is maternity,” she added.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button above to see Jessica and the rest of the "Fashion Star" cast. The show premieres March 13 on NBC, but there's no word when Jessica is due. Judging by appearances, it's going to be soon!

Comments (7)

tankboyer:  1121 days ago

ummmm...ya right! She is pretty large can you get in regular clothes with that belly...just sayin!

own it...if you don't want to work out, then you don't want to work out. If you don't want to eat healthy, then you don't want to eat healthy...period.

She is a small girl and I am as well. I have gained a ton of weight recently and seeing this, realized it is all in how much you want to be the correct size for your frame. By no means do I think she is "fat", but overweight...yes! As am I. I have the same frame, so I can speak from the heart without any backlash. Pregnancy is no excuse for gaining 50 plus pounds. And it certainly isn't healthy for the baby!

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Lovatic1999:  1121 days ago


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virgosiempre:  1121 days ago

Fifty pounds will not hurt her or baby. I gained 65 and was back to 120 in 5 months. People in our country are OBSESSED with external beauty....just look at these women who are having surgery to look young when the world knows they are NOT. There is nothing wrong with aging. It is part of life. After a few surgeries I barely recognize these narcissists. She will lose the weight....I think she looks beautiful and definitely pregnant, unlike someone whose fundus deflates when she sat down...As a nurse I find that more than odd.

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lanie:  1120 days ago

tankboyer, It seems you have "issues" about your weight. Why don't you deal with your own insecurities and bad feelings, rather than criticize Jessica. She's pregnant and she looks just fine. She will lose the weight after she has the baby. She may never be the size that she was during Dukes of Hazard and if not, that's fine.

Unfortunately for Jess - when she gains the smallest amount of weight - you can see it in her face. But even at her heaviest, she was the average size of an American girl. We're just so used to see twigs on our tv screens..

This is coming from a girl who is 5'5" / 115 lbs.

It seems to me that you're projecting your own issues onto Jess, tankboyer. Gaining weight is normal during pregnancy...

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lanie:  1120 days ago


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daisy27:  1120 days ago

I think she looks beautiful. I gained a lot with my first and people's criticism hurts. I learned and gained very little with my second. She probably has to starve to get her body to look like her "dukes of hazard" days. Good for her to not maintain that unhealthy lifestyle while pregnant like other pregnant celebs. Rachel Zoe looked like a skeleton corpse her entire pregnance. Those are the ones who should be criticized!

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Danielle:  1120 days ago

I think she looks great, and she looks bigger than she actually probably is because of those huge boobs she has.

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