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Beyonce and Jay-Z's Baby Name -- How Does Blue Ivy Compare?

Beyonce and Jay-Z have reportedly named their daughter Blue Ivy Carter!

The newborn's name is definitely unique, and we can't wait to get an explanation from her proud parents.

Celebrities often go off the beaten path when it comes to naming their children. From Alicia Silverstone's son Bear Blu, to Mariska Hargitay's daughter Amaya, to Jessica Alba's daughter Haven Garner, stars have definitely made interesting name choices in the last few months. Mariah Carey even went so far as to name her son Moroccan after the style of the room in which Nick Cannon proposed to her. Oh my. 

Click “Launch Gallery” below to check out the adorable faces that go along with some unusual names!


Comments (6)

Feel Sorry For Her:  1114 days ago

What a dumb name. These people are so stupid.

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Sailboat:  1114 days ago

What do you care? They can name their baby Pink Rose and what's it to you? People are so mean nowdays. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

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Lena:  1114 days ago

I'm not at all "into" the name but it's not my kid, not my name, not my business. She'll fit in nicely with all the other celeb. kids with "way out names." What matters is that she's healthy. She can change her name when she's older if she doesn't like it.

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virgosiempre:  1114 days ago

Do these parents ever think about how their child will feel with a wickedly silly name, not even feminine.

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Anyla Johnson:  1113 days ago


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CanadianGal:  1112 days ago

TMZ first reported the name as "Ivy Blue"... I liked that a lot better. If she uses her middle name regularly its still very pretty... I'm just not crazy about "Blue" on its own. It prob had sentimental value or something... Regardless, with those genes, the girls gonna be gorgeous and probably incredibly talented!!

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