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Snooki Gets Another Tattoo -- What Is It This Time?!

media_removed_toofab 102011

"Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi added some new ink to her collection this weekend -- by getting a brand new tattoo!

The 24-year-old was spotted going under the needle this weekend at the Martlet Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, CA.

Her new shoulder ink is of several stars with leopard print on the inside, matching a similar tatt on her left shoulder.

This is only the latest in a number of tattoos for Snooks, who also has the words "La Familia" (The Family) on her back and a large crown with a pink bow on her shoulder.

Click the gallery above to see the finished product, plus check out more "Jersey Shore" tattoos!

Comments (6)

stevebeagle:  1113 days ago

too bad about the pile of s%&t surrounding that ink

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DiamondLil:  1113 days ago

I'm confused, had been previous reported that Snooki had her A B C's inked, so that whe she needed to spell, she 'might' have a frame of reference. What a dumbell! She is a pizz poor example of a woman, embarrassing.

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A Real Lawyer:  1113 days ago

She may as well have TRAMP inked on her body because that's what she is.

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princessmel70:  1113 days ago

HaHaHa I love that you talk negative **** yet you were obviously curious enough to click on the story link and take time to leave a comment. Mission complete, love her or hate her she's on your mind. lol

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Raejean:  1112 days ago

She just gets more and more attractive!

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Dulcet:  1094 days ago

Just started my first fashion/makeup blog would really appreciate some tips/opinions:)

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