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Lindsay Lohan to Play Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime Flick?

Lindsay Lohan could return to acting this year -- with a Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor!

According to EW and Deadline, Lohan is in "early talks" to play Liz in the original flick "Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story."

The movie would reportedly following Taylor's relationship with Richard Burton, who she was married to from 1964–74 and 1975–76.

Lindsay hasn't done much substantial acting in recent years, aside from her appearance in "Machete" in 2010 and the direct-to-video "Labor Pains."

Do you think she'd do Liz justice? Sound off below.

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DiamondLil:  1116 days ago

No doubt Linday has the talent, she has major stones. Problem is, her misbehaviors,....showbiz is a cutthroat business, and there is always someone who thinks their better. Linday managed to screw herself and her career, now, she is having to start over. Limfetime,....really? My major concern is Elizabeth Taylor's relationship with Richard Burton was as oassionate and volatile as any one relationship can be, far is namby pamby Lifetime willing to go. Would love to read the screenplay, but then we would have to get a r-e-a-l-l-y great director. Lindsay Lohan has the talent,.....what will Lifetime do with a movie that could be phenominal.

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JLS:  1116 days ago

LL's days of acting are OVER. She has systematically destroyed her career and is uninsurable on any project.


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Ashley H:  1116 days ago

Lindsey needs to get her act together. Is Hollywood is just handing her roles so they really don't care how the film turns out. Are they going to film it in jail because I can see Lindsey falling off the good train. She doesnt have talent anymore, they only film she had talent in was Parent Trap. Have Rachel McAdams play Elizabeth Taylor or someone else with real talent. She is not bankable if she goes back to work now she will back in to drugs and maybe for once and for all stay in jail like a normal person who breaks the law a billion times like her. Celebs want to be treated like normal people then put her back in jail away from her crazy parents.

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lalee:  1112 days ago

WHAT!?? This is outragous !who is the imbecile that looked at that over bleached train wreck and picture our most beautiful Screen Goddess of all times in 'I'll do anything for a buck Sailor'?? Linsey Lohan!! this makes me sick and repulsed that Elizabeth Taylor who was breathtaking,classy,talented Lady would have this loser portray her. I beg you Please Please don't do this horrid Movie with that hygene neglected no body. She made ONE movie yrs ago with a Volkswagon where she lucked out and did OK but there are more Talented CLEAN young actresses out there begging to work..YUK to the shop lifter.

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