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NeNe Leakes's Acting Debut on "Glee" -- How'd She Do?

NeNe Leakes
brought her attitude to last night's episode of "Glee," where she showed off her acting chops for the first time!

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star's role wasn't too much of a stretch for her, as she played a  synchronized swimming coach with a loud mouth and a short fuse.

As the episode was airing, Leakes took to her Twitter to write "Thanks u all who r tuning n2 Glee & Thanks so much 2 every1 that has tweeted & texted me well wishes! I'm overwhelm wit happiness."

And we haven't seen the last of her -- she'll return again this season.

Leakes wasn't the only celebrity making a cameo on Tuesday though, as Dame Helen Mirren's gave voice to Becky's inner monologue.

Even off-screen, Mirren stole the show with lines like "You may be wondering why I sound like the Queen of England. It’s simple: In my mind I can sound like whomever I want, so lay off, hater."

How do you think Nene did? Sound off below!


Comments (6)

KEMA:  1109 days ago


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STFU:  1109 days ago

Great job Nene.

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CARIB:  1109 days ago

Good job! Not much of a stretch from how she appears on RHOA but it worked well in the scene. Congrats!

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Truth:  1109 days ago

She's playing herself... so much for acting. Check the clip from Celeb Apprentice where she reams out Starr Jones. Same sh*t, different cast. Yaawwwwn!!!! #Truth!!

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Sue:  1108 days ago

NeNe talked way to fast, however, she sounded and acted JUST LIKE HERSELF

SO, its clear, she can't act

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the truth:  1108 days ago

she did good but shes letting all this fame get to her head. thats why i dont care for her much. rememer where you came from NE NE LEAKS!

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