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Kim Kardashian Breaks Down: I Don't Want to Be Married Anymore

Kim Kardashian finally came to the realization she wants out of her marriage with Kris Humphries on last night's "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" -- after she communicated with her dead father.

On Sunday's episode, Kim and sister Kourtney met with psychic John Edwards, who said he was able to contact their father, Robert Kardashian.

Eventually, talk led to Kim's divorce from her first husband, Damon Thomas -- with Edwards saying "as long as he [Robert Sr.] felt you learned from it, we're good."

The divorce talk proved too much for Kim, who broke down when alone with her sister after their reading.

"What was so crazy about that was like, when he was talking about like the divorce stuff ... I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore with Kris," She said ... through tears.

"I feel like I got into this like way too fast and I don't want to be married anymore."

The show ended there ... to be continued on the big finale next week.


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tori:  1098 days ago

This woman is such a fake fame/money whore it's unbelievable the lengths she'll go!!!!

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Isabel Lazo:  1098 days ago

last week they came out with pics showing she was re-shooting scenes with same clothing so she could appeal more to the sick is that?

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Lilly Pad:  1098 days ago

I am SOOOOOOO tired of that whole family,......GEEEEZ, when will iut ever end.

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nORRis8:  1098 days ago

She contacted here dead father?

Oh. That explains everything then . Now she seems completely sane.

What an idiot.

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BoycottRealityTV:  1098 days ago


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mary:  1098 days ago

They are obviously doing something right. You guys act like you are so over the kardashians, yet you clicked on a video about the show and even took the time to write a comment. You would have less hate if you just come out and say you're just as obsessed as the rest of world! HA

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liquid kitty:  1098 days ago

For a long time I wanted to feel sorry for this cow (see the tent worn in Mystic). However, she put a marriage under the belt of KH because she was caught up in the fairy tale? The Cowdashian's need to climb back under the rocks they slithered out from. Don't want to see them "Live with Kelly". Don't want Their fat asses in Sears, Kmart of any other public forum.

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That explains it:  1098 days ago

Damn she's ugly when she cries. But I think she would look like **** if she stopped piling on the makeup too. Her face looks so unreal and plastic sometimes. Seriously, if you need to wear that much damn makeup, maybe you should just say forget it. Yuck.

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nORRis8:  1098 days ago

I didn't know she was Japanese.

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XYZ:  1098 days ago

"Mary" - Um... No. The video doesn't play automatically when you click to this page. I can only speak for myself, but I only clicked to comment. This family is disgusting, fake, and soulless. I have NO idea how someone who is not a porn star gets famous for their nasty video, but it's really embarrassing for me as an American. This nasty woman did that and now tries to act like she's SO classy and should be respected. Kim , along with the rest of the KarTRASHian/Jenner clan, is a fame whore. Nothing more to her/them than that. I'm glad that America is finally waking up and opening their eyes to who this trash really is. Along with Lindsay Hohan.

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ZAKTKAZ:  1098 days ago

hahaha... every attempt made by this sk@nky wh0re to restore her "image" is blowing up on her face... your 15 minutes of fame are over wh0re

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Straight Talkin Texan:  1098 days ago

If she didn't know the word "like," she would have trouble saying ANYTHING! What a bonehead!

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give me a freakin break:  1098 days ago


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tommy33333:  1098 days ago

Would it appear suspicious if the whole Kardashian Tribe, along with Step Daddy Bruce Jenner (whose numerous face procedures have turned him into a Renee Richards look-alike), Janice ****inson, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, The Olsen Twins, ALL the Judges from American Idol and The X Factor all were in the same limo that spun out of control on the Hollywood Hills, broke through the railing, crashed through the HOLLYWOOD sign, rolled down the hill and burst into flames in front of a Taco Bell?

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nORRis8:  1098 days ago

Like at her moms face. The Jokers mom.
Look at Bruce Jenners morphed face. The Jokers Grandma.

Look at Kims face.
Her odd looking rear end.
Her big fake bottom lip.
Her eyebrows that never move.

Everything about them is fake, but they show up at events, act like their somebody and try to hang out with the A-list.

Poor things. Their all D-listers.

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