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Kim Kardashian Is Red Hot in NYC!

media_removed_toofab 102011
Kim Kardashian
should wear red more often!

The reality TV star is no stranger to putting her famous body on display -- but the sexy red dress she wore today while co-hosting "LIVE! with Kelly" really emphasized those trademark curves.

While on the show, Kim opened up about her divorce and even chimed in on Heidi Klum and Seal's surprising split.

"It's so sad," said Kim. "I would never wish anyone to go through a divorce, but then again after what I went through, you don't really know until you're in this person's shoes."

She continued, "When I see other people when I might not understand their situation, now I really just step back because you don't really know what they're going through."

Check out some more of Kim's sexiest looks in the gallery above!

Comments (8)

liquid kitty:  1102 days ago

Blimp..danger, danger NYC the queen of free porn is your problem now.

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Rocko:  1102 days ago

Hopefully it won't be much longer, and you are gone! Sign the petition at

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XYZ:  1102 days ago

GOD this fake is SO FULL OF IT!!! GAG!!

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carina:  1102 days ago

OMG, every time I see a clip of her crying it freaks me out, her whole face doesn't move. It's such a strange sight seeing someones face try , yet can't move.

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Meems:  1102 days ago

Really, you really think that pathetic petition is going to do anything? They have many fans, and as long as their shows bring in an audience they are going to be around. Why don't the bored annoying housewives with nothing better to do who are trying to push that sad petition around go and do something worthy for the world. Maybe help starving homeless kids in this country, injured veterans, the elderly??? Do something that matters not something that will never make a difference in the world. Grow up.

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Seldombinlaid:  1102 days ago

She looks like a fire truck with a ladder on the back:)

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ZAKTKAZ:  1102 days ago time to get rid of these prostitutes

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Dulcet:  1100 days ago

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