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Nicole Scherzinger Shares No Makeup Photo

Nicole Scherzinger no makeup
Nicole Scherzinger still have the "X Factor" when she's stripped of her makeup?

The former Pussycat Doll shared a photo of herself without any face paint on this weekend, wearing next to nothing while tweeting "Uhh...Does anyone know how to work this twisty towel thing?"

We think the 33-year-old still looked pretty good without her fake eyelashes, foundation and lipstick

How does Nicole's natural face compare to those of stars like Snooki, Madonna and Jessica Biel?

Check out the gallery above to see more Stars without Makeup!

Comments (8)

Lilly Pad:  973 days ago

Oh my stars Nicole, always look good girl.

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saronmw:  973 days ago

Still beautiful...

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Rollo:  973 days ago

Nicole with no makeup? Still "Fine as Fine Wine" Hey, Nicole, I'm in the Louisville Metro...Call me! ;)p Lol......

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Truth:  973 days ago

Still a Flopzinger....

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Seldombinlaid:  973 days ago

Still pissed at her for that giant flub on X Factor. Just wish she would stay away from anything having to do with judging anyone. She sings well. Have her just stick with that. About her with make up, or no make up MEH

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Straight Talkin Texan:  973 days ago

Beautiful either way!

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Hisjules:  973 days ago


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wow ew:  972 days ago

She looks fine. Only a rare few of us travel around with a professional team of makeup artists.

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