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5 Things You Didn't Know About Camille Grammer's Beau

On last night's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" finale, viewers got a glimpse of Camille Grammer's new beau (well, at least, his chiseled body).

So, who is the reality starlet's latest love interest?

He's Dimitri Charalambopolous, and he couldn't be more different than her ex Kelsey Grammer. The two started dating last fall. Check out five fun facts about Camille's boyfriend below as well as a gallery of their public PDA.

1. He's a "younger man" -- At 35, Dimitri is eight years Camille's junior.

2. He know his way around a kitchen -- Camille told Us Weekly Dimitri is a "really great cook" and has been introducing her to Greek cuisine, include spanakopita.

3. He's very fit -- Camille told Wendy Williams Dimitri is a hottie and the proof is here.

4. He's not just eye candy -- Dimitri is an attorney and got his J.D. from Southern Methodist University.

5. He has a past -- Dimitri reportedly has a child in Texas. His brother Thomas has had multiple run-ins with the law, including allegedly committing sexual and aggravated assault.

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Could Dimitri challenge Mauricio Umansky as the hottest "Housewives" guy? Tell toofab in the comments below!

Comments (4)

Rosie:  1100 days ago

no way mauricio is just bomb!!

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percila:  1098 days ago

Camille is not my favorite housewife but good for her she's single and she's having fun good for her.
It wasn't very classy of her to make those nasty remarks about Kelsey that was distasteful.
I really hate when Camille drags that friend of hers Dede or what ever her name is around with her she just helps to show us the real Camille where she came from.
Camille did put Taylor and her daughter in trouble by blurting out what Taylor had confided in her in front of the cameras Taylor would have been afraid of Russell finding out.
Whether Taylor should of left sooner, a breakup is never easy even in an abusive relationship no one has the right to judge someone elses cir***stances.
The attack on Taylor at Brandi's party by Camilles friend Dede is another example of bad taste I think Dede was drunk as well as Taylor but Camille loved it with her little grin Dede should have been sent packing or better still not have been there please Bravo do not have that distasteful women on the show anymore we've seen too much of Dede.

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Phyllis:  1093 days ago

I like Camille and do not feel that she put Taylor in harm's way. If anyone did that should be put on the shoulders of BRAVO for airing these episodes and Taylor knowing that the cameras were rolling should have had the conversations at a different time with the ladies.

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maria:  1093 days ago

Money money money! is all this guy is looking on Camille ...we will see soon! Karma is back she maried the old man for money now someone is looking for her with dollars "EYES"I dislike all of them specially Kyle she is a backstabber danger to have someone for a friend 'with friends like that who needs enemies"I feel sorry for all thiw shallow vane women I will not change my life for theirs!

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