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Brandi Glanville Reveals Secret Celebrity Hookup!

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Eddie Cibrian isn't the only Hollywood hunk Brandi Glanville has spent time with between the sheets -- and last night, she revealed another hot hookup on "Watch What Happens Live!"

Glanville finally confirmed rumors she and Gerard Butler got down over the summer, telling Andy Cohen they had "a week of fun" together last year and rated his performance an "11" out of 10.

Butler has a reputation for getting around -- and has been linked with stars like Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Green, Mila Kunis and even Ashley Olsen in the past.

Check out Brandi's reveal above.


Comments (11)

Tinalouise:  1100 days ago

She's pretty but looks too skinny here, way too skinny. Good for her though for the obvious upgrade with Gerard Butler. I just wish she didn't act so skanky and swear so much.

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Jenni:  1100 days ago

Got to admire someone who can keep her head together and stay focused on her children while her husband leaves her for the uggliest female country music star around. Brandi= 1000x hotter than LeAnn Rimes!

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dre:  1100 days ago

I dont care for BG - sorry, but I dont find her attractive at all. She gangly thin, kinda like a tall boy basketball player, her face is not pretty and her mouth is simply not attractive. And I do think shes quite the easy piece. Eddie seems happier with out her.

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Isabel Lazo:  1100 days ago

I like her waay better than ms homewrecker ugly looking LeAnn Rhymes...

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Stanley:  1100 days ago

Good for her! Obviously a gian leap up from that D lister Eddie Cibrian. Gerard is much hotter too! Funny, her husband picks the ugliest woman on earth to cheat with and marries the fug country singer while Brandi finds one of the hottest men on the planet to hook up with! Good for her! You go girl! Leave those fuglies to your ex-husband Eddie!

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Meems:  1100 days ago

While I think she's better off without Eddie, she's not looking so classy talking about all her hook ups and seeming kind of slutty... She's better looking than Leann by a long shot, and Leann seems to try to be turning into Brandi. I'm not saying don't hook up, gir you get yours, BUT I am saying be classy and don't advertise it.

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lady:  1098 days ago

This girl has some bigtime problems! So glad her husband left her for a real woman and someone has to be there for there son. She is so skanky looking and paws all over married men, drinks to much along with that potty mouth. Not attractive at all. Cant believe they keep her on the show. How embarrassing for her child.

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en Todo Momento!!:  1097 days ago

dang. i know he sure licked them legs!!! jeeeezus!

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Cindy:  1086 days ago

No doubt guilt and the scorn of the entire country has contributed to Leeann being rail thin. I agree with the poster who said she's trying to look like Brandi. Of course it won't be long 'til Eddie's off with the next woman. Hopefully, he'll pick up a big box of chocolates for Leeann before he hops on his freshly-tired motorcycle and rides into the sunset. After all, Leeann, in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "Ya never know whatchergonnaget." In this case, Eddie's departure is an almost guaranteed certainty!

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