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Joan Rivers Documents Her "734th" Plastic Surgery!

Joan Rivers
is the first to admit she's had a lot of plastic surgery done -- has she really gone under the knife 734 times?

That gigantic number was flashed on screen during the season premiere of "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" last night. Was it a joke? Who knows ... but the real count could be close!

The episode chronicled the comedienne getting another "touch-up" -- but before she went in for her operation, Joan's family and friends staged a "Skintervention."

Daughter Melissa feared her 78-year-old mom was addicted to surgery and more work would be very bad for her health.

The Skintervention didn't work ... and Joan went in anyway.

The episode also offered up one very scary sight: Joan without makeup!

She was forced to go face paint-free as she went into her operation, joking "My face hasn't been this devoid of makeup since I was born!"

Check out her makeup free face in the video above, plus see how her face has changed through the years below!


Comments (12)

Slomoshun:  1100 days ago

Gross. She reminds me of Gary Oldman's character in Hannibal.

Except...she's real.

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ELI:  1100 days ago

Joan is beautiful, then and now!

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JLS:  1099 days ago

I absolutely love her BUT her face is looking more and more like that Cat Woman freak that has no resemblance to a human anymore.

Pls. Joan, no more.

You are wonderful and I don't want this for you.

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Anita Watson:  1099 days ago

Joan is FAB U LOUS now and forever funny and gutsy rich and can and does pay to look the way she wants she does it her way!!!!!!

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ann:  1099 days ago

stop you'll be like michael jackson don't do it love your self

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Sepia830:  1099 days ago

Her looks merely fit her personality.

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buffalobaroness:  1099 days ago

My God she is scary looking. I feel sorry for her grandkids. Can you imagine that face coming at you? The comment by Ann was dead on! She is starting to look like a Michael Jackson doll, only white....oh that's right, he changed his skin color as well. Her nose gets more pointy every time she has surgery and it looks like her cheeks are full of sand. Ugly woman!

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Ed Sultan:  1099 days ago

Rivers's potty mouth matches her impaired face!

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Becky :  1099 days ago

She needs to STOP getting plastic surgery it isn't making her look any better & some surgeon is making a fortune off of these celebrities & he is probaply laughing at them thinking what fools they are know that he is inteninally making them look ugly. Someone needs to arrest that man.

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Willa:  1098 days ago

~Screams in fear~ Put the makeup back ON. PUT IT ON!

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lady:  1098 days ago

Love her and she looks just fine. Anyone that has the talent of making others laugh is great person. She is so genuine and we so need more of this in our society.

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maria:  1093 days ago

The only thing I like about Joan is the way she dress she dress very elegant and chic! I love her closet!

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