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Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Gets Into Another Massive Fight

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Another day, another brawl for "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans.

The reality TV star got into it with her roommate Tori last night after fuming about boyfriend Kieffer Delp texting someone in the 508 area code -- which is in Massachusetts ... and not the area of North Carolina that they live in.

Things escalated when Jenelle started ripping into Tori's boyfriend, Tylor, and eventually the two roommates started fighting -- pulling hair, punching and even beating each other with drum sticks.

Kieffer and Tylor started to fight too ... because, why not, right?

It ended with Jenelle screaming/sobbing "Just leave me alone!"

Of course, this isn't Jenelle's first big brawl -- she previously wailed on a former friend in their front yard once, got into a shoving match with Delp and has fought with her mom, Barbara, on numerous occasions.

Does anyone think this girl will ever grow up and realize she has a kid now???


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Tinalouise:  1103 days ago

This girl has never been seriously disciplined in her life! Her mother allows her to be disrespectful, lazy and just rude to everyone. Years ago her mother should have laid down the law on this brat. She takes no responsibility for anything, especially her son. Why would you move out away from your son?? Can't stand her.

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tgrfan42069:  1103 days ago

that was so staged..also that isnt a massive brawl.the two guys just started hugging.fell to the ground.continued to hug.also where were the punches?

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Dani:  1103 days ago

She needs help. I'm not saying it in a mean way, she truly needs help - counseling, medication. It's sad to see what a mess she is and how (it appears) that she can't be bothered with being a mother to her son. Her son will suffer because of her behavior and likely end up with emotional issues himself because of her behavior. You can see how real and how raw her actions are. There are some things that can't be staged, she'd have to be a great actress to pull of a fake fight of this sort. I'm sure producers encourage these things but this is real. Real sad.

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wow ew:  1103 days ago

Totally agree with Tgrfan. Like... did the guys feel the need to fight too just because 2 girls were fighting. The natural reaction would've been to either separate them or watch the girls fight. NOT Join in! lol. That's too staged, EVEN for MTV. Lol

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Sublime12926:  1103 days ago

Are you kidding me? That fight didn't look staged at all. It looks like jenelle found someone who isn't going to take her ****. Jenelle ran her mouth off again because for some reason she thinks that even though she has no job and lays in bed all day she should be able to decide who is allowed in her friends house. Tori tried to get her stuff together so jenelle could leave but jenelle being the little instigating bitch that she is wouldn't get out of tori's room. So while jenelle is getting her ass beat (and yes there were p-unches thrown if you actually watch the video you will see tori get 5-7 good punches on jenelle) tori's boyfriend tries to separate them and keiffer gives him a sissy little suckerpunch. They dont need to stage **** like this, jenelle gives them plenty of drama to film just by being her spoiled bitchy self.

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Sublime12926:  1101 days ago

What is your reasoning for believing it's fake?
She got into another fist fight when MTV wasen't even filming her.....luckily one of her idiot friends took a video of it on their phone and Jenelle was arrested....but that video was probably fake too right? And the arrest...that was all made up??

If you are that nieve to think that there are not girls out there like her who fight anyone and everyone then you have lived a very sheltered life.

I have seen fights like this when I was in high school but I'm sure they were all staged too.

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