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Kim Richards: I'm An Alcoholic

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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards has finally admitted why she went to rehab.

In a just-released promo for the show's 3-part reunion special, Richards is seen having a one-on-one sit down with Andy Cohen -- who asks "Can you tell us what you sought treatment for?"

Her reply: "I'm an alcoholic."

The reveal is only one of many big moments in the sure-to-be-explosive special, which includes confrontations between Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof as well as Taylor Armstrong and Brandi Glanville.

Part 1 airs January 30, Part 2 on February 6 and Part 3, which includes the Kim one-on-one, airs February 13.


Comments (7)

liquid kitty:  1096 days ago

The Maloof's trying to stay relevant like...oh, gout? Traylor and Kyle keep bringing the crazy.

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Sue:  1096 days ago

Bravo better get smart and kick off TAYLOR ( the constant crybaby), Camille (boring, and would not expose her life this season) and Kim (the biggest BIMBO on reality TV).

As usual the TV show of regular housewifes (some are not even a housewife), goes right to their heads, and they think they become popular celebrities. I'm , for one, am sick of these women and their made up drama. Nothing positive comes out of this show.
Its all phoney. REAL WOMEN DONT ACT LIKE THIS !!!!

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Silverado Mom:  1096 days ago

I agree, but at the same time that's what's so entertaining about it! That real women don't act like this. I think Camille is getting thrown under the bus. She's trying not to be petty and smart to not expose her life to the cameras. Whatever is exposed get scrutinized. The fact is that Lisa and Kyle both said things about the abuse on tape. Nobody seems to discuss that. But that's why they discussed getting sued also. They said something about it and then Camille finished it. And she spoke exactly as she should. As unfortunate as it was, Taylor kept causing many of her own problems. I thought it sad that her husband and she were doing so well the night that they were turned away from the party. But it was understandable. I'm glad Kim has finally admitted she's an alcoholic. Now maybe she can continue forward on the right path. Brandi is not popular, but likeable in that she is honest. But sadly, brutal honesty is not popular. She might need to brush up on her social skills, but I like her honesty. At least you know where you stand with her. Adrienne is the peacemaker. But there are times I wish she'd leave well enough alone. I know she means well though. I like her. I would go to a game with her.

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percila:  1096 days ago

Camille is trying to put on a nice girl facade this year ,put she is what she is.
She wanted everyone sympathy for her husband leaving her for another women when in fact Kelsey and Camille's married was a shame for a long time Kelsy was on a talk show not long ago talking about it.Camille and Brandi get along because they are really very much alike both have mental issues but Camille has class where Brandi is class less can not stand her.
At least with Camille she is easy to figure out but Brandi is a psycho who knows what she will say or do.
I like Kim I think she gets bullied so much by her sister that she has low self esteem ,I hope the future is kind to her and she finds the happiness she deserves.
I also think that her sister Kyle took terrible advantage of her over that house in Palm Springs shame on her.
Kyle seems to have a near perfect life why can't she enjoy her life and stop fixating on her sisters life its shameful how she loves to call her sister out continously in front of other people then sit back and cries poor me that not normal behavour Kyle.
live its shameful how she loves to call her sister out in front of other people then sits back and cry poor me she loves the attention

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Real Deal:  1096 days ago

I guess Kim forget, beside being a "ALCOHOLIC" she is a DRUG addict.Her sister KyLe needs to get a reality check about herself and her sister.

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shariworcester:  1094 days ago

I am so grateful to ondemand. I can fastforward through kim and taylor. It is beyond words to express how the average viewer is insulted by the continuous on camera discusting behavior of these women. I so love adrienne how she has each of these women's number. She is a woman of family wealth but validates it with her dignity and class. Please be done with kim and taylor already. It is not entertaining or funny. It is pathetic and a total insult to the other cast members. You can't find better women to represent beverly hills? I am a huge fan and at the same time saddened by the lack of taste on bravos part.

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maria:  1091 days ago

They are all a bunch of wannabee's .shallow,vain witches,rich and disgusting! and getting more richer with tis i shows....they should get together with the Kardashians they make a great group full of loosers! when I see this people it makes me love my family and my life indeed,is least my kids are normal and hard workers and not "light heads " like this people ....this women make us look bad they are a bad misrepresenattion of the human race ! I don't see any love from them is all to the tabloids is all FAKE!

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