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J.Lo Spars With Randy and Steven Over "Idol" Hopefuls, Calls Them "Crazy"

There was major dissension on the "American Idol" judging panel Thursday night -- and Jennifer Lopez became visibly frustrated after getting outvoted several times.

Her fellow judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson kept turning down contestants she felt were worthy of moving onto Hollywood. "You're joking right?" Jennifer asked Steven after he told Cheyenne James she doesn't have "it."

When Randy also said no, J.Lo exclaimed "You guys are crazy!"

Her breaking point came when the two male judges gave a golden ticket to Linda Williams, and attractive girl with an average voice. "Baby, you can sing," Steven gushed. "I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone," Jennifer responded in disbelief. Afterwards, she said she was so angry with them she going to have an anxiety attack!

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Who do you side with? J.Lo or Steven and Randy? Watch the clip and vote in our poll, below!

Comments (17)

ELI:  1100 days ago

Chill out JLo; take your chill pill!

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XYZ:  1100 days ago

Eh. She needs to just finally go away and stay away. I would say she has no talent, but she can dance. Sick of hearing about this annoying diva-wannabe.

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XYZ:  1100 days ago

J-Lo has NO clue about singing! She can't sing! Who is she to say who has a voice? She would just put someone on a voice synthesizer like Rhianna, Katy and those annoying rappers.

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lisa:  1100 days ago

Jennifer was right, that girl suck, I totally agreed with her, the other girls were much better and just as pretty, the guys do not know what they were talking about!! I would react the same way she did, guess I need a chill pill too., and just because you say Jennifer can't sing, doesn't mean she can't hear. You go Girl!!!

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Ozzie X:  1100 days ago

It was a fix. The producers told Steven and Randy to reject all the girls before the black girl. The black girl had no vocal range. The girls before had range and were giving their all. The producers did this to invoke distention so they could get J-Lo to react and produce more ratings. It's just unfortunate that the girls were eliminated at the expense of trying to make good TV.

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Ozzie X:  1100 days ago

I don't know if J-Lo was in on it but give people a fair chance.

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Christian P.:  1100 days ago

Well im a good fan of Jennifer Lopez and I think that she is a great actress and singer despite what other people think... Some people don’t see talent and greatness that it blinds them from the truth... I know people have the right to there own thoughts but some times people can just be so dumb rude and mean... Im mean *** on... Really... Most people have talent and greatness but they get shot down by people with power trips and have money and fame and what not to back it up... It takes people to make a person what they become.... We as a people give them that power over us and sometimes makes us do what we don’t want to-do or in some cases we do it for the money and with money some times comes with power or fame, a person sometimes what a person gets from what they do with some times destroy the one thing they love the most and that depends on each person on what they hold dear to there heart and how they are raised and from how other people make them to become from what they are while growing up and what not... Steven Tyler does have some dame good songs out there but he needs to be more open to what people have to there singing talent, cuz not everyone can get a perfect tone with each song some people sing each song better the other and Randy Jackson what is he anyways, I know that he is some music director or producer or what ever you wanna call it and he knows his way around being a musician and what not but can he even sing, I have not herd him sing for real but have herd him some what sing when he was auditioning for the first American idol winner Kelly Clarkson if that’s how he really singings then what does he know about judging someone who can, just cuz you can play instruments and produce records for other people don’t mean you have a talent to be a judge for people who can really sing, but maybe he does have some talent and what not but he should be more up right with his choices in his discussions on who can sing and who cant, same goes for Steven Tyler and everyone else, so in some ways I agree with Jennifer and the other ways I agree with Randy and Tyler... I mean *** on... what do you think that they are looking for in people who can sing.... If a person gots a really good voice and can sing like Adam Lambert or Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler and many more then pick the ones who have that kind of voice, ones who when they sing its like your listening to the most Beautifully sounded noice or voice in the world kinda like a siren... You know what I mean... I some times hear that in some of Adam Lamberts songs and in Steven Tyler’s and the song "I don’t want to miss a thing" and a few other of his songs of his and of Jennifer Lopez's songs and many others you know what i mean....LOL...

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Chuck:  1100 days ago

My wife and I thought Jennifer was right and concluded it was done for the drama on camera. If it was for real I must say....the folks rejected by Randy and Tyler proved that neither of them should be judges of anything. Stupid rich jerks. I'm learning to hate American Idol.

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lesli:  1100 days ago

it seems the spirit of Simon is back. they were saying no to all the heavier girls.

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jen:  1100 days ago

Both girls in the white shirts should have been passed through

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Smooch:  1099 days ago

If you don't know this was staged by producers to get a reaction by Jennifer for ratings then I have some property I want to sell ya.

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Danielle:  1099 days ago

I totally agreeed with Jennifer, and that black girl could not sing. I hope that wasn't for tv ratings, if so they hurt those they rejected for poor reasoning and it makes me not want to watch the show. Those girls they rejected were great.

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dierdre:  1099 days ago

I can take J.Lo or leave her....basically she's a diva, and is really not that great as a singer or an actress.....The only thing i've noticed about her is every time American Idol brings on a pretty girl with talent, she automatically says no.....she is showing her jealousy, and it is a total turn-off....Let's face it, she's getting older now, and when someone much younger and prettier comes on to audition she's actually turning green with envy....the other nite however, i did for once agree with J.Lo on a few girls who auditioned that were'nt good singers at all, and Randy and Steven let them thru.....I don't know if these things are staged or not, but nothing suprises me at all on tv these days.....nuff said........

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tommy33333:  1098 days ago

"J.Lo Spars With Randy and Steven Over "Idol" Hopefuls, Calls Them "Crazy" ---- B.S. !!! It was a little moment of "nothing". She did NOT get that upset, she just see,ed frustrated that they didn't like a few female singers she did. I watched the show and totally forgot about it.

I assume it must be a very slow news night in Hollywood if "toofab" is trying to make this into "NEWS".

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Dacritics:  1096 days ago

X-Factor Judges and Host get the boot: Reactions from the web (Funny) http://bit.ly/y1Kt8M

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