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Jersey Shore: Sammi Gets Into Massive Brawl Over New Weave!

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Usually it's Snooki or The Situation getting into fights on "Jersey Shore" -- but last night, it was unsuspecting Sammi Giancola!

She may go by Sammi "Sweetheart," but during Thursday night's episode she was anything but, getting into a massive brawl with another girl at club Bamboo.

No other cast members were involved in the fight, which started after the other chick pulled Sammi's hair.

"You dont yank my new weave that I just got," the guidette explained to the cameras after the blowout, which had her and her foe wailing on each other while rolling around the ground of the club.

Giancola got booted from the club, but was pretty proud of herself after -- screaming "It was me against the world!" as they walked home.

Check out the battle above!


Comments (7)

tori:  1096 days ago

You go girl!!!

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BoycottRealityTV:  1096 days ago

When have we had enough with this train wreck type of TV programing?

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sPaNkdEnALgAs:  1096 days ago

I wanna know who did it and why did they do it???? That's what I want to know. Cowards.

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Chuck:  1096 days ago

Some of the comments are as insipid as the show itself.

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tommy33333:  1096 days ago

I LOVE Sammi - she is SUCH a pig 24/7. I think this whole group of ignorant Guidos should taste the dumbest soul that moment can NOT buy TASTE - these people are the Jersey equivalent of Trailer Park White Trash. I LOVE when we get to meet the gang's families, the dumb, ugly moms and dads and bros and sisters and uncles.When I need to visit my family in Georgetown, Washington D.C., the WORSE part of the trip is driving the NJ Turnpike. It and ALL of Jersey is so ugly it can not be described - up near Manhattan, there are huge tanks of oil and gas, as flames burning 24/7 - it's like the end of the word, but sadly it's really the beginning of NJ lol/

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luvprue1:  1096 days ago

I truly felt that the other girl should have been the one kick out of the club. She doesn't even know Sammi so why is she picking a fight with her. What the point of pulling someone hair unless you are trying to pick a fight?

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Lovatic1999:  1096 days ago

LOL Guido POWER. Gosh we are wasting any american talent we have left.

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