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Camille Grammer: Bravo Shouldn't Have Aired "Housewives" Season 2

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Camille Grammer is speaking out against the network that airs "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- saying Bravo never should have aired Season 2 after Russell Armstrong's suicide.

While Adrienne Maloof praised Bravo on last night's reunion special because she thought the show helped "spread awareness about domestic violence and suicide," Grammer sang a different tune.

"I didn't think the show should air, that's how I honestly felt," said Camille. "I kept thinking about his children more than about the show."

Russell had daughter Kennedy with Taylor Armstrong and two sons with his ex-wife.

Taylor also spoke out about why they did the show in the first place, saying she thought the cameras "would provide me some protection ... it would either have the abuse stop or force us to divorce."

As for why she thought Russell agreed, an emotional Armstrong added "I love this person and miss him, but at the same time he had a very strange personality ... he was a narcissist."
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namers:  1096 days ago

That is telling; having just dealt with unspoken (then LOUDLY spoken) narcissism in my own family (one with oodles of depression to boot), I am glad this insidious disorder (with no good outcome) can be talked about and exposed. Best to you, the survivor, Taylor and your daughter as well.

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Wonderone:  1096 days ago

I have also had a family member who was a classic Narcissist (which usually goes along with compulsive lying and other sociopathic behavior). However, the few eposides I have managed to sit through of this show made me think that Taylor fit the bill of Narcissist perfectly. Once you have lived with someone who has it, you can spot it a mile away in others, thankfully.

I didn't see her husband airing their laundry on national T.V.; living wildly beyond his means such as throwing extravagant birthday parties for his daughter; or having constant childish meltdowns (a pretty common trait) over inane stuff. Nor did I notice his excessive use of plastic surgery a la his wife.

If I were a betting person, I would say that Taylor has played everyone. I imagine her husband finally broke and decided he couldn't live with either the woman or the massive media attention she inflicted on them. For all those who have truly lived with someone like a Taylor, they know that their sole purpose in life is to destroy the people around them for their own gain. I shed no tears for Taylor. I have no doubt she is aiming her sights on some other poor guy that has no idea what's coming.

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XYZ:  1096 days ago

Completely dumb. It's supposed to be "reality" and this IS reality. Men beat up women, that is REALITY. People commit suicide, that IS reality.

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maria:  1096 days ago

The show should not be aired period! the baloney that it will be great for awarenss on domestic violence is all baloney this women want more money and fame it is not enough the millions they have,Karma is comming to them all together we will see !This man had children from other marriage , they love their dad not matter what! I blame this show was part of the deppression in this man when you are depressed you are volatile nasty,outraged,and violent.....this woman is just making money out of this tragedy ,pretty soon she will be dating someone ,if someone have thta bad tatste ,she is not pretty really! not only this guy was throwed under the bus , the show brought him to the suicide , and now the "widow" is talking to the world about him nasty nasty nasty.......not class at all!

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lanie:  1095 days ago

I can NOT stand Taylor and I agree with Camille. It seems Taylor's lofty dreams of being a celebrity - trump her need to protect her child.

Bravo really needs to dump Taylor from the show for next season. She is the perpetual victim - always screaming, crying and carrying on like a child. I have no clue whether Russell abused her.. and if he did, if it was to the extent that she portrays. She comes across as a habitual liar and fake.

She is a trainwreck and I believe it is unhealthy to continue having her on the show.

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lanie:  1095 days ago

People are assuming that he beat her, when you just do NOT know. He's not here to defend himself and she seems to be a less-than-honest person, to put it mildly. Who are we to believe? Sorry but I have seen and heard enough of Taylor to realize that she will do anything for attention and to be the constant victim.

She was spending way beyond their means, acting like she was a high roller - when they were in big time debt. She was wasting away hundreds of thousands of dollars on stupid things like a childs birthday party, which they did not even have.

She's a phony and has serious issues.

Like I said, Bravo needs to dump this woman quick!

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