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Ouch! Miley Cyrus Cracks Her Tailbone


Miley Cyrus won't be busting a dance move like the one to the right anytime soon.

The 19-year-old apparently injured herself while horsing around.

On Tuesday, the starlet tweeted, "cracked my tail bone doing a front flip... on to the couch. thats like when i tripped over a pillow and broke my arm. #onlyme."

While her condition is unknown, Miley seems to be in good spirits, later tweeting a photo of her dogs and declaring her love of overalls. Hopefully her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth is helping her recover.

Calls to Miley's rep were not returned.

Get well Miley!

Comments (2)

Phishie from Philly:  1094 days ago

Miley, stop lying. You know dam well you didn't fall over a couch to hurt your tail bone. It happened because that penis cake was to heavy for you to eat while you where walking and then you tripped over your dogs tail. By the way, your boyfriend is white, why did you have a brown penis cake. Are you leaving something out or you want something different in??????

Phishie from Philly

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SKay:  1094 days ago

I think she should have saved the money she paid for that car because when I watch her sing or act, I just don't see any talent. She did well on Disney because those are children watching and acting stupid or silly is what they want. Now that Miley is an adult and is acting so badly, grown ups with get tired of hearing from and about her really soon. Maybe she can live on her savings or the money from Hanna Montana playing over and over. Good luck with that.

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