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Charlize Theron Does Vanity Fair Shoot in Risque Bikini

It doesn't have to be a hot day for Charlize Theron to put on a sexy bikini!

"Not a lot of people would get into a bathing suit in the middle of the night down the street in L.A." the gorgeous "Young Adult" star says in a video from her latest Vanity Fair photo shoot.

Theron looks incredibly hot in the risque suit, which she wore for a shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

During the shoot, Charlize also opened up about her childhood crush.

"I was so in love with Richard Dean Anderson from 'MacGyver,'" Theron admits. "I'm from a second-world country, what do you want from me?"

Check out more from the magazine's Hollywood issue here.


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joanna38:  1089 days ago

Most women her age have an equally beautiful body, she just went in search of her career and was lucky to have someone find her.
As for saying "I come from a second world country"? Wake up! Go back and smell the sewers of what is actually a third world country! Sometimes she can be a little over the top.

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joanna38:  1088 days ago

pistrix.........ja, ek is daar gebore en opgegroei. Born and bred South African!
So decypher that and you may realize I am not so over the top. We, in South Africa know all about the bigger pic. Get a life!

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