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Ashley Tisdale & Vanessa Hudgens Tackle Beyonce Choreography!

Beyonce Knowles is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to choreography -- but yesterday, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale gave it their best shot.

Tisdale (left) shared a video on her Twitter yesterday showing the two of them breaking down Bey's moves from her "Run the World (Girls)" music video.

Check out the original video here:

Both of them do a pretty good job -- better than we'd do, for sure -- but who do you think is the better dancer?

We're giving Tisdale the edge, thanks to her spot on hairography.
Vote below!

Comments (4)

lanie:  1087 days ago

I think Ashley is the better dancer, but Vanessa is good too.. They both did a great job!

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wow ew:  1087 days ago

Ok so some dude was "randomly" standing there filming two 20 something girls.

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shevsrjw:  1087 days ago

I think they're both really good!! Vanessa's more fluid with her moves, probably because she's been dancing since she was little, so she's more comfortable just letting go and taking risks, and Ashley's really good too, her moves are precise!! Vashley just rocks!!

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