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Willow Smith Shaves Off All Her Hair!


How is Willow Smith going to whip her hair back and forth ... when she doesn't have any?!

The 11-year-old singer posted a photo of her on her WhoSay account yesterday, showing her with a completely bald head.

No word yet on why she picked up the razor, as she posted the pic without any text or comment.

Her famous father, Will Smith, recently shaved his head too ... and mom Jada has always had short hair as well.

Does she look better buzzed or with all her crazy extensions? Vote in the gallery above!

Comments (17)

peachpie:  1094 days ago

wow. bitter much? no need to attack a child....

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Sam:  1094 days ago

Susan, she's 11. And even if her parents weren't famous, and she didn't have the opportunities she's had, she would still have more talent than you do because she would probably not grow up and attack children on blogs. Your poor mother must be ashamed right now.

As for Willow, she's always cute. :)

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Seishi:  1094 days ago

I completely agree with the Sam. Some people wonder why there's so much hatred in this world....well, there you go: Susan's a prime example of that kind of jealousy and resentment. Another word for it: Bullying.

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dksport03:  1094 days ago

Seriously Susan angry much?!! She’s a cute 11 yr old LITTLE GIRL!!! But she does need hair bald is not beautiful on everyone!!

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Klonopin:  1094 days ago

The honest truth is that this is a very untalented child who is at the least, going through the most awkward physical stages of her life. The fact is that without Superstar parents who have purchased her a career, you would never see her face on screen. Anyone who blogs about how "talented & cute" she is, is just another sheep who blindly follows the entertainment media in all its twists and turns, without a brain to think for yourself, or an appreciation for real talent. This naive little girl will grow to be a very disappointed adult.

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Areader:  1094 days ago

I hope Will & Jada have thought this through for their daughters sake!

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wow ew:  1094 days ago

omfg i think i'd die at 11 with NO hair!!! lol.
she's got guts!

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bbnx:  1094 days ago

She didn't look much better WITH hair, and furthermore, WHY does anyone care?

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omegabeta:  1094 days ago

I'm sure she just decided to go natural with her hair and did "the big chop." For all your white ladies and gents out there, "going natural" means not using relaxer in one's hair anymore to make it less kinky. And when one decides to do so, it's recommend to do a "big chop" to get rid of all the processed hair as growing natural out "on top of" relaxed hair is a pain and leads to massive breakage anyway.

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XYZ:  1094 days ago

I agree, no talent... but that is no excuse to talk that way about a child. I think the only on ein that family with any actual talent is Jada... and that's being OVERLY generous.

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Zuse:  1093 days ago

This 11 year old has NO talent, her parents are the ones that got both kids into entertainment business. Her bro really has none to speak of either, thanks to RICH parents that is...

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soandso111:  1091 days ago

Personally I think she looks best with hair; however, part of being young is experimenting with your identity and I can guarantee we all had a phase that made our parents gag! As long as she's happy!

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carina:  1090 days ago

I am sure she did it because on top of all the chemicles to make the hair strait, she had tons of weaves, they are either sewn or glued in and thrash your real hair. She "in my opinion" is too young to have so many procedures done on her hair but, being a black woman "WENDY WILLIAMS" claims that is not un common even at her age. I can not imagine , I would cry at any age if I had to shave my head.

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lady:  1088 days ago

Poor kid. Personally I like her with hair. Looks like a boy now. The other picture looks great and her hair looks healthy. Kinda young to be allowed to do this to herself. But this is not the old days any longer. All kids are doing things at a younger age without parents input.

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hardlogic:  1088 days ago

I've always said it since she was 9 years old, this little girl is trying to be too grown at such an early age. Her parents need to take accountability for her actions and not just let her "express" her individuality anyway she feels. If they don't snatch her up right now, she will be hell to deal with by age15 and probably having Lindsay Lohanish issues. No, I'm not hating on some kid. I personally can't stand kids that walk, talk and make their own decisions to do and go where ever just like adults. I see improperly supervised kids all the time. If my parents allowed me to express my individuality that young, I would be a hot mess today. I thank them for not letting me get any kind of hair style, getting gold teeth, tattoos, weird peircing and sagging my pants. If a person wants to express their individuality, they need to be grown and out of their parents home. If Willow completely had it her way, she would be living in her own home. She is a case of poor parenting.

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