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Single Katy Perry Parties In Indianapolis


Katy Perry
is single and ready to mingle ... with Tim Tebow!

The singer was all over Indianapolis this weekend for the Super Bowl, where she made a couple cracks about Denver Broncos quarterback.

At the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night party, Katy took the stage to perform her sexually charged song "Peacock," reportedly giving the QB a shout-out before the song by saying "This one goes out to Tim Tebow."

He wasn't in the house to hear her dedication though.

She also referenced gossip that her parents were trying to set the two up, saying "Hey Tim, my parents say 'Hi'" while presenting an award at the NFL Honors ceremony earlier on Saturday.

We're not sure if the two ever crossed paths, but Tebow did mingle with Maria Menounos, Katherine McPhee, Jordin Sparks and Ciara.

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Comments (3)

joanna38:  1085 days ago

Much better mingle Tim!
If Perry pushes her parents and religeon so much, how about her song Pea****, with her emphasis on "****"? Trying to be cute? She simply is not cute and not single, she is seperated, and if messing around and looking for a hook up, like she was trying to, an adulterer.

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XYZ:  1084 days ago

Tebow can do a HECK of a lot better than you, Perry. You see, he has morals and isn't skanky. And he's talented, something you lack. Go find another man-whore and stop trying to get attention.

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