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Beyonce Flaunts New Mom Curves In First Appearance Since Baby!

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Baby Blue Ivy's mom, Beyonce Knowles, has finally made her post-pregnancy debut!

The 30-year-old singer stepped out last night for the first time since giving birth in to her little girl with Jay-Z last month.

Beyonce put her new curves on display in a tight red-orange Alice Temperly dress, which she paired with some bedazzled Christian Louboutin heels -- proving she's still as stylish as ever since having a baby.

Bey, Jay-Z and her mom Tina were at Jay's club, 40/40, where the rapper held an after-party following his first of two benefit concerts for the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.

With mom and dad back out in public, will we be seeing Blue Ivy soon too?!

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Truth:  1046 days ago

Mehhh... Easy to have a nice body ---- when you use a surrogate! #EPICFAIL #TRUTH!!

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Clifton:  1046 days ago

Clearly, she really had the baby. Notice the big boobs and and the weight gain.

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A Real Lawyer:  1046 days ago

Can we say F A K E ?

Anybody that had a baby through a surrogate a month ago would have a great, post baby body. Duh!!

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Nunya:  1046 days ago

How come she looks FATTER than when she was "allegedly" pregnant? Because.....This is what she looks like when she's not touring. Congrats on the baby via surrogate but b*tch you not fooling anybody!

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santaliz1:  1046 days ago

Lmfaoo okay now come on no diet in the world would have u looking this great after giving birth it hasent even been a month yet.Nice try Beyonce ohh and nice push up bra too lol but im not fooled we all know u used a surrogate.

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JLeigh:  1046 days ago

I guess nobody saw the pic of her in a bikini back when she was around 4-5 months and there was clearly a baby bump there. Look at pic #6 - she looks huge. I'm sorry, but there's no push up bra in the world that are going to make her girls look THAT big. If anyone has seen several pictures of her, they would realize how much bigger she looks in these pics and how much bigger her boobs are - google pics of her and make the comparison.

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CJ:  1046 days ago

Those boobs are obviously squished together/pushed up. If you just had a baby, there is no need for that they would be naturally big. This just confirmed in my head that a surrogate was used. The truth will come out one day...

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prettynelly:  1046 days ago

well i just had a baby and i lost so much weight and it could happen and you look great beyonce

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imorena:  1046 days ago

cmon guys. if she can put on a fake baby belly to "trick" us into thinking she preg then of course she can put on a fat suit. her face is still skinny. #FAIL

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dsjj251:  1046 days ago

wow, some of you are really childish. your really calling this woman a bitch because you think she had a surrogate ???? even if she did lie, what would warrant you to call her a bitch other than some other hate for her ???

my honest opinion is, look at her uhhhmmm, melons, if she wasnt pregnant then she must have just had breast surgery because those things grew. LOL

but to back track, why are you people saying she is fatter now than when she was pregnant, she hasnt done an interview or been seen in public since september. she shot all her videos in January and all her interviews were pre taped. so for all of you to be judging her on how she looked 4 or 5 months ago is beyond stupid.

Likes 0 Dislikes 1  1045 days ago

The world is so fake not beyonce, why is everyone so worried about her body now Beyonce has always been a curvacious woman steaming back from destiny's child and when your breast feeding you loose most to all the weight you gained in the first place. why wasn't no one talking about Britney spears and she has 2 boys or chilli from TLC and she has a six pack or Monica or lala theses woman have kids or what about brandy! Oh I get it Beyonce is bigger than the rest of those ladies so we seem to focus on her more Beyonce is a young 30 year old woman she doesn't need a sergeant mom maybe Mariah Carey 50 year old ass Beyonce looks fabulous and always will don't get made get glad and a life!

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plushexotic1:  1045 days ago

Stupid people...What does it matter. if she had a surrogate or didnt..stars arent obligated to tell the public all of their business or the!!! You all want to know so bad...hilarious. Who cares. She is beautiful, talented and happy.....clearly by the really big smile on her face!!! You all sound so miserable and!!!

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ireadtmz:  1045 days ago



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