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Brandi Glanville: I Slashed Eddie Cibrian's Tires

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Part 2 of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special went down last night -- and with Brandi Glanville joining the fun this time, the cat fights were on!

Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife got into it with everyone Monday night, but it got the most heated with Taylor Armstrong and constant enemy Kyle Richards.

In the middle of a battle of words with Brandi, Taylor asked her flat out if it was true she slashed Eddie's tires.

"Yeah, I owned them too," replied Brandi. "I just took the tires and I put the knife into his motorcycles and I told him 'Don't ride them, you're probably gonna get hurt.'"

She then shot back at Taylor, "When's the book come out anyway? How long has it been?" -- insinuating Taylor is trying to cash in on her husband Russell Armstrong's suicide.

That really set Taylor off, with Kyle joining in on the action.

Check out the clip above.

Next week, the fun continues as Kim Richards joins the reunion for a sit-down with Andy Cohen.

Comments (7)

liquid kitty:  1086 days ago

Girl told the truth. BTW Shana/taylor needs to shut up and stop fronting that Russell's death was anything more than suicide. Truly insulting for those of us who have lost loved ones to violence. Russell made sure that any insurance she had was negated by doing this himself.

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srbragg67:  1086 days ago

Come on TMZ, where is your sense of equality? If a man boasted that he slit his ex-wife's tires we would be calling it domestic violence. Brandi clearly boasts about taking a knife and destroying property with it, where I come from that is called domestic violence. Then she tries to excuse it by saying she told him he might get hurt, cause you know the knife is her hand wouldn't? Watch the show, this woman has a mean streak, give her knife, she destroys property. What is she teaching her sons, to take knives and destroy their significant other's property? Would you really let your daughter date a guy like that? Why should men put up with it? When you take into context her comment following her questions to Taylor about putting out a book and then Kyle saying "someone died here" and Brandi responded with "So let him rest in peace." Wow, think about it, these sound like words of an abuser...acts of destruction, excusing behavior, that last comment. So according to Brandi a man abusing his wife deserves peace while a man who cheats does not? Come on TMZ, call Brandi out...she committed domestic violence...

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Divalicious:  1086 days ago

Taylor needs to zip her literally fat lip. She got all nasty and hostile with Brandi when Brandi reminded Taylor that she herself used the term "platypus lips". But then Taylor tries to turn around and call out Brandi on stuff, as if it's okay? If Taylor can't behave like a big girl at the reunion, than she should keep her boney arse at home. She also needs to drop the fake crying act! It's become very old, and she isn't going to win any awards for her performance. Annoying.

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Cindy:  1086 days ago

Taylor seems to sense that the only woman at the reunion potentially "weaker" than herself is Brandi, hence the onslaught of verbal attacks against her. If in fact Taylor is even weak at all remains to be seen. I understand she has bills to pay but seriously, the woman has made one appearance after another since her husband's untimely demise. Remember the alleged kissing incident with Matt on Most Eligible Dallas right after Russel's death? I guess I'm really different, but if my 5-year-old had just lost her daddy, whether I was grieving or not I'd be spending more time with her and less time in front of the camera. Just my humble opinion for what it's worth.

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Wand:  1086 days ago

Slashing tires, the result of finding out your spouse not only cheating but flaunting it....But Taylor you daughter, Russells two children and all you can come up with is you have bills to pay so let me write a book, make TV appearances and profit from his death. Remember, your daughter will see and hear everything you are saying and how will it affect her in the future. Yahhh for Brandy and why dont we all say it Kim Richards is more than JUST and alcoholic, so Kyle Ms. Judgmental needs to remember noone is perfect and stop being in denial its amazing how they can talk about everyone else but her sister and Taylor seem to think their issues should be off limits.

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