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Lindsay Lohan Puts Cleavage Front & Center In New Pics

Lindsay Lohan just can't resist a revealing photo shoot!

The starlet flaunts her figure (again!) in a new batch of photos from celeb photographer Terry Richardson, which he shared earlier this morning.

Wearing an extremely low-cut shirt, Lindsay shows off some serious cleavage ... and, in some shots, a bit more ... while hanging out at her home away from home, the Chateau Marmont.

In one pic, she even poses with a photo of her idol: Marilyn Monroe.

Check out the latest pics above -- what do you think of the risque shoot?

Comments (6)

drake:  1085 days ago

pure trash

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ELI:  1085 days ago

Lindsay Lohan who?

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magica:  1085 days ago

Sexiest thing on the planet.
Any more questions?

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Muppet:  1085 days ago

She needs to keep her filthy fingers out of her mouth!!!

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Muppet:  1085 days ago

What's up with the cigarette in almost all of the pictures? Is she trying to look like a cheap trashy tramp? She succeeded!!! These pictures are terrible!

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DiatribesAndOvations:  1084 days ago

Don't you wish she'd do something GOOD once in a while? I really feel so sorry for her.

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