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Rachel McAdams Gets Drastic Makeover -- Like the Look?

Rachel McAdams is usually flawless when she hits the red carpet -- but we're not loving her extreme look last night at the premiere of "The Vow" (left).

While her Vivienne Westwood dress was gorgeous, the clip-on bangs, heavy eye-makeup and Christina Aguilera-red lipstick just aren't the best fit for Rachel, who looks so much better when she opts for a more natural look (right).

Do you agree ... or are you a fan? Let us know:

Check out more photos from the the premiere of "The Vow" below, including shots of Channing Tatum, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Scott Speedman and more.


Comments (6)

wow ew:  1085 days ago

Her dress is gorgeous but the makeup looks is too harsh on her.

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b.mclane:  1085 days ago

uh....and exactly what business is it of yours or anyone else how she dresses?? If SHE likes it MOMMIE DEAREST than that is all that is needed. Its STUPID , PETTY stories like this that make women look so insipid.

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Truth:  1085 days ago

Fugly canadian... tryin to keep up with the Jones' with the plastic fake crap! #Epicfail #Truth!!

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Christen:  1085 days ago

She's standing next to Channing Tatum....she'd look good wearing a Hefty garbage bag and Nick Nolte's hair-do from his infamous arrest photo. Channing can make anything/one look flawless. Seriously though....I think the bangs its what is wrong with it. The more dramatic make-up would look better without the heavy bangs.

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ylg:  1085 days ago

It's not "drastic," or "extreme," it's just different. Next time it will be something else different. It's not like she got a face tattoo or something. Sheesh.

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Emily:  1084 days ago

I love Rachel McAdams, she is an amazing actress and if Hollywood still has any class left she will be one that we will love for many many years to come!! She is a jem like Sandra B, or Julia Roberts even Meryl Streep she is flawless and doesn't need all that make-up and fake hair to look amazing she is a natural beauty so the less makeup she wears the better she looks. There is no need for her to think she has to try that hard to look beautiful she has natural beauty. I hope she goes very far in her career and Hollywood stops trying to make stars like Kim K. what ever happen to Stars actually being the people with talent and are born with a natural gift??

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