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Beyonce Steps Out Again In Sexy Sequin Dress!

media_removed_toofab 102011

Hot mama Beyonce Knowles is loving her new curves ... and so are we!

The sexy singer stepped out for the second time since giving birth in January last night, where she poured her body into a tight sequin dress from Monique Lhuillier. She paired the look with Gucci shoes, a Chanel purse and accessories from Lorraine Schwartz.

Worth noting: All her jewelry (and her fingernails!) were blue ... likely a nod to newborn daughter Blue Ivy.

Bey was spotted after Jay-Z's second concert at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday in NYC, playing the role of gorgeous and supportive wife.

How did this woman have a baby?!

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Truth:  1089 days ago


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A Real Lawyer:  1089 days ago

She's FAKE. She did not have a baby to get her body "back". It didn't happen. Her surrogate got her body back but not this fake.

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AKP:  1089 days ago

I don't believe anything when it comes to celebrities. they have access to a lot of things us "lay people" do not have access to. There's a shot that can shrink the uterus down after a woman has had a baby. It wasn't offered to me at the hospital, but I'm sure lots of celebs get it. Also, when a woman has a c-section she can get a mini tummy tuck at the same time. I can't afford plastic surgery so it took me many months to get my figure back and I was in great shape when I gave birth. Usually doctors recommend 6 wks of no exercise and since Beyonce just had a child a month ago, this seems pretty impossible.

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lawliepop:  1089 days ago

I don't understand why people are so hard on her. When I had my son I gained 40lb. ONE week later, I had lost 40lb. Doesn't mean my body was back to normal but all that extra weight was gone. She could easily be wearing something underneath that dress that pulls her stomach in.

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Sonja:  1089 days ago

Lawliepop, you did not lose 40lbs in a week. I've had three kids , I was back in most of my clothes after my son's.. I gained about 30lbs with them.. BUT I also had the pregnancy 'pouch' that is skin and stuff that takes time to go back to normal.. and it sure as hell takes more than a week or even a month! Beyonce has always been a bigger girl and there is no way she didn't put on any weight while pregnant, nor went right back to being even thinner one month after having a baby. Nope, don't buy it... she did not have that baby, she was never pregnant. And for most of us these pictures prove it. We won't even get into how one goes out two nights less than a month after having a baby in the first place. Most stars are not seen out and about in heels leaving their month old new borns home with the nanny. Selfish, narcissistic and vain... that's Beyonce. She has the token kid so now people can lay off her and she can do what she does best... show herself off.

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Tinalouise:  1089 days ago

I do not believe for one minute that she gave birth to her way no how. She is a bigger gal anyway and it would be much harder for her to take off baby weight if she was really pregnant. Besides that she needs to get her ass home with her baby and stop trying to show everyone how great she looks when in reality she is a lying sack.

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Jo-An:  1089 days ago

Beyonce looks fabulous!!

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Lola1972:  1089 days ago

U people are idiots and need a life! lay off of her. she is a superstar so of course she knows how to lose the weight fast. it's a shame that people with low IQ's have to be so damn hateful.

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Lola1972:  1089 days ago

And who said she left her baby with a nanny that child has two grandmothers and a grandfather who I am sure would kill to babysit. come on people look inside and see why exactly you hate her so much! All of these nasty and hurtful comments are uncalled for she's human and somebodies child too! just because she's a celebrity does not mean she's open to all kinds of vicious attacks! SMDH!

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Lil Roz 316:  1089 days ago

to the woman whose doctor didn't offer her a shot to shrink her uterus.... Either your doctor or insurance sucks...
I am no star but they offered it to me after having each kid naturally. please do not say you have to be a celebrity to get that... and since I was already big I didn't gain a lot of weight during my last pregnancy... so I still wear a lot of my old clothes (of course with a under them) to look exactly like I did before.

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Lil Roz 316:  1089 days ago

*spanx under them

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footballfan:  1089 days ago

OMG stupid are you all??? There were pictures of her in a bikini with a pregnant stomach!!!! This picture was taken in September, when she was about 5 months pregnant.

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1 Reply  1089 days ago

The world is so fake not beyonce, why is everyone so worried about her body now Beyonce has always been a curvacious woman steaming back from destiny's child and when your breast feeding you loose most to all the weight you gained in the first place. why wasn't no one talking about Britney spears and she has 2 boys or chilli from TLC and she has a six pack or Monica or lala theses woman have kids or what about brandy! Oh I get it Beyonce is bigger than the rest of those ladies so we seem to focus on her more Beyonce is a young 30 year old woman she doesn't need a sergeant mom maybe Mariah Carey 50 year old ass Beyonce looks fabulous and always will don't get made get glad and a life!

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plushexotic1:  1089 days ago

Some people are so stupid. I guess we are all supposed to look, walk, talk act the same. Have a baby the same, heal the same..get back in shape at the same rate stop hating on Beyonce. She is georgous even after having a baby..You all should be asking for tips, not questioning if she really had a baby, which btw is clearly obvious....

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SpoiledRottenSin:  1089 days ago

Clearly some of you don't do your homework..smh...There has been SO MANY videos of Beyonce wearing a fake baby bump. Obviously she adopted a baby and there is nothing wrong with that. What is troubling is that as a celebrity she knows she is being watched and critiqued constantly, so why try to sell us some BULL. We are not stupid! If she wanted privacy and no backlash then she shouldn't have announced it to the world or did a million interviews sporting that fake bump. She's a celeb, she could have stayed away for awhile, but she wanted the attention, duh! Also do the math, how could she be 3 months at the awards show and have her baby 2-4 months later....I don't think so! I think everyone that has something negative to say is just expressing their annoyance with her lies. And having had a child myself, it is frowned upon to leave the house until 6 weeks has passed unless you've had a C section , then it's longer. Even if the grandparents were watching the adopted baby, she still shouldn't be out and about until her body has healed to prevent illness.

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