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Kim Kardashian Makes Sitcom Appearance -- How'd She Do?

Kim Kardashian appeared on ABC sitcom "Last Man Standing" last night ... but the role wasn't much of a stretch.

The reality TV star played herself on the show, where overzealous fan Mandy Baxter (played by series regular Molly Ephraim) trips on her during a book signing.

Kim poked fun at herself during the episode, later visiting Mandy's house because her producers thought it would be a good idea for the reality show.

Te show also referenced her failed marriage to Kris Humphries, with Mandy telling Kim "You don't understand what I've been though, I've been publicly humiliated, do you even know what that's like?"

Kardashian actually did a pretty good job with the material, a good sign considering she'll also be acting in Tyler Perry's upcoming flick, "The Marriage Counselor."

Check out more reality TV stars who have tried out acting in the gallery below:

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Comments (7)

lalaland:  1086 days ago

Sounds like somebody jumped the shark! They must be awfully desperate at ABC. They just can't seem to admit that this show is an epic FAIL.

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Almost:  1086 days ago

I love it!!!! Kimmy is really good.

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DrkGntlman:  1086 days ago

This no talent troll should not be in any type of sitcoms. The only thing she is GOOD at is being fake and a wh0re.

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DrkGntlman:  1086 days ago

Kim's acting is as fake as her assets. She can deny it all she wants, but she gets fat injections in her bottom and wears spanx/padding to enhance her booty. She has had face work as well as a boob job. There is nothing real about this camel riding hook3r.

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maria:  1086 days ago

And the saga that her reality show is done ,well many of us don't care she is going to try to do anything,she will sale her soul to the DEVIL,with her pimp mama! we cannot get rid of this parasites they will be on our face for ever! not class not talent,not brains!

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liz:  1086 days ago

uhhhh.. she's playing the same person she plays on all her reality tv shows. nothing impressive.

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lady:  1085 days ago

I think she did great. Saw her as a guest host on Kelli live and enjoyed that also. Good for her to make her rounds with head held high. She is a beautiful lady.

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