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Lindsay Lohan Debuts New Hair and Ink, Heidi Keeps Hers

Lindsay, is that you?

A nearly unrecognizable Lindsay Lohan hit the red carpet for New York Fashion Week's kick-off event -- the amFAR gala. The actress sported voluminous blonde extensions and what appear to be new tattoos on her hands (running from the base of her thumbs to her wrist).

Heidi Klum made her first major red carpet after announcing her split from Seal. The supermodel still bore her husband's name on a large arm tattoo.

Speaking of supermodels, 40-somethings Cindy Crawford and Elizabeth Hurley put women half their age to shame in plunging gowns. Check out all the red carpet photos, below!

A nearly unrecognizable Lindsay Lohan hit the red carpet for New York Fashion Weeks kick-off event -- the amFAR gala

Comments (15)

wow ew:  1088 days ago

What's with the permanent "porno look" so has stuck on her face? Lol

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Ghost Rider:  1088 days ago

I would have sworn the first time I looked through the photos of Lindsay I saw the Woman in Black in one of them looking directly at her.

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Buster:  1088 days ago

holy hell is she doing Meth now?

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liz:  1088 days ago

wow she looks gross

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growup:  1088 days ago

why does this girl insist on looking like an old porn star when she actually has talent?! For Pete's sake girl, pull it together.

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Anthony M:  1088 days ago

She needs to rethink the fake hair IMO, love the bod on Lindsay but the fake hair makes her look like the older version of the Gotti mom. It is not a flattering look for Lindsay IMO.

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pandoraspocks:  1088 days ago

Why does Lindsay make herself look so old. She has the potential to look so much better

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Be a little inappropriate~:  1088 days ago

What are her new tattoos tho? you can't say she has new ink and then not provide details.

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pyrochick:  1088 days ago

This old Hag, Lindsay Lohan looks like an OLDER HAG every day. Who is her stylist, her mother? She actually looks OLDER than her mother. UGH! What kind of anal porn start does that? I guess that's what meth does to you! You start to look older than your anal porn star mother! I've never seen anyone age so fast that wasn't sick. Maybe she has AIDS from all of the anal sex she films. Get yourself together Lindsay. You already look like someone drug you out of a ditch! YOU ARE JUST PLAIN UGLY! ALMOST as ugly as RUMOR WILLIS!

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joda:  1088 days ago

Are lindsay blohan and courtney stodden the same person? Seriously it's getting hard to tell the difference.

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Bea:  1088 days ago

it's crazy how shes looking more and more like dina and micheal by every day

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Truth:  1088 days ago


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Superman:  1088 days ago

LieHo looks like an old porn star.

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lady:  1088 days ago

Her face looks very tired and she looks as if she has aged alot. Her hair does not look that different to me.

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FlamingoNut:  1088 days ago

What the hell happened to her face?!?!?? She looks HORRIBLE! Runs in the family I guess; her little sister transformed herself into a creature as well. Oh Lord, why won't she go away?!?!?!

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