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Jerry O'Connell Rubs, Bites Wendy Williams' Feet

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Wendy Wiliams' interview with Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn took a turn for the weird yesterday -- and ended with both women's feet in his mouth!

At the end of the couple's interview with the talk show host, Jerry announced he had a special surprise for Wendy: A foot rub!

He whipped off her Louboutins and whipped out the lotion before giving them a rubdown, as an excited Wendy proclaimed "Don't forget my bunion marks and my corns!"

Rebecca decided she wanted in on the bizarre action too, making Jerry joke "This is like a fetish film."

Just when you thought it couldn't get stranger, Jerry then gave Wendy's foot a nibble ... before putting both feet in his mouth!

Check out all the craziness above.

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