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February 6, 2013 12:30 PM

Ryan Lochte Recreates Nirvana Album Cover


Ryan Lochte recreated Nirvana's famous Nevermind album cover for the new issue of ESPN The Magazine ... but something's clearly missing here.

While the original cover from 1991 featured a naked baby swimming after a dollar bill in a swimming pool, Lochte's interpretation is lacking in nudity!

Instead, the Olympian is seen in a pair of Speedos ... which, considering this is ESPN and not Playgirl, should have been expected.

The swimmer is also seen goofing around in a few outtakes from the upcoming Music Issue, which hits on newsstands Friday.

And while it's hard to deny that Lochte is a looker, watching his behind-the-scenes video from the shoot is, at times, painful to watch.

Yes, he even messed up his own name, called Nirvana "Nirc-vana" and dropped gems like "The cover is definitely worldwide" and "He's [the baby] chasing after the dollar bill, so he's always on the grind."

Good thing he's pretty.

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