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March 8, 2013 7:00 PM

The 10 Most Shocking Justin Bieber Moments!

Although Justin Bieber has only been around for a few years, he's already gained a massive fan base around the world (to the tune of 35.6 million Twitter followers). No matter what the pop star does, good or bad, his "beliebers" think he can do no harm.

We here at toofab beg to differ. Check out 10 of Justin's shocking moments from years' past.

1. From Justin to Kimmy

It all began way back in 2010 when Justin tweeted that Kim Kardashian was his girlfriend (resulting in the reality starlet getting death threats from his "beliebers"). The duo (who are 13 years apart) frolicked in the Bahamas for no apparent reason (cough, publicity stunt).

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2. Laser Tagged

A few months after the Kim photo shoot, Justin was accused of punching a 12-year-old at a Laser Tag facility in Canada. Although the case was dropped and no charges were filed, this was one of Justin's first run-ins with the law.

0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

3. Baby daddy scare

In November of 2011, 20-year-old Mariah Yeater claimed she was pregnant with the pop star's baby. Yeater ended up later dismissing the case, and Justin wrote a song about the paternity suit.

0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon 0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

4. Speed Demon

Once 2012 rolled around, so did another run-in with the law. The singer was rolling around in his $100,000 chrome Fisker Karma when he got pulled over and cited with a "fix it ticket" for the fuchsia neon lights under the car (which are illegal in California). He later got pulled over for speeding, scaring many drivers on the freeway.

Justin Bieber 911 Calls -- 'Looks Like a Spaceship' - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

5. Which Way To Norway?

In May of 2012, Bieber performed free concerts for his "Around The World" TV special. Fans came from all over Europe to witness their idol perform four songs in Oslo, Norway. The police lost control of the crowds and pleaded Bieber to take the stage early. He even tweeted out for his fans to listen to police for their own safety.

0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

6. Stage Sickness

2012 wasn't the best year for Justin. At his concert in Glendale, Arizona, he threw up on stage in the middle of his concert. Watch for yourself:

0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

7. Beer pong ding dong

Photos surfaced in 2012 of the then 18-year-old playing beer pong a year-and-a-half earlier when he was 17 (under the legal drinking age in both Canada and the United States).


0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

8. Deadly chase

2013 started ominously when photographer who was following who he thought was Justin all day was hit and killed by a car on the freeway. Justin's friend Lil Twist was behind the wheel at the time.


0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

9. Pot head

One day after a paparazzo was killed chasing who he thought was Justin Bieber, the real Justin Bieber was photographed smoking weed at a house party in Newport Beach, California.


0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon out of 5 shocked Biebers.

10. Potty mouth

One day after passing out during a concert, Justin was leaving a central London hotel when he got into a verbal argument with a photographer. Justin told the paparazzi he was going to "f**king beat the f**k" out of him.

Watch the clip here (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE).

0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icon0308_bieberhead_icono0308_bieberhead_iconout of 5 shocked Biebers.

What was Justin's most shocking moment? Tell toofab in the comments below!

Shocked Bieber image courtesy of Getty Images.

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