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June 27, 2013 12:56 PM

Funny Video: Jimmy Kimmel Debuts "Lie Witness" with Justin Bieber Fans

These "Beliebers" are crazy!

On Wednesday, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" debuted a new segment, "Lie Witness," featuring Justin Bieber's fans -- and it's hilarious.

For the piece, a reporter interviewed fans outside of a Bieber concert, where she asked them a series of made-up questions regarding some of the "Boyfriend" singer's crazy behavior.

Note: Justin didn't actually do anything that the reporter asked ... but his "Beliebers"' still managed to defend the un-excusable.

Check out the hilarious clip above!

So, it's it OK that the 19-year-old punched his Grandma in the stomach? Or that cat tattoo, is it really a good look?

Their answers are un-beliebable ... while some of the fake allegations are not. What do you think of their responses? Tell toofab in the comment section below!

And if you're wondering why Jimmy has a black eye, find out here.

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