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August 9, 2013 11:40 AM

Joy Behar's Last Day on "The View" -- Watch Her Farewell!


Joy Behar
exited "The View" today with her trademark wit and foul mouth.

Aside from creator Barbara Walters, Joy was the only remaining original cohost on the show. The 70-year-old comedienne served on the panel for 16 years.

A slew of guests, including former "View" moderator Meredith Vieira, Regis Philbin, Mario Cantone, and Joan Rivers, celebrated Joy's farewell. 87-year-old Tony Bennett made a rare appearance to serenade her.

Joy has the last say, of course, and she made the most of it, simultaneously thanking and embarrassing her cohosts. Watch:

If you don't get Joy's profane parting jab, Harry Reasoner was Barbara Walters' coanchor on "ABC Evening News" from 1976-1978. Harry and Barbara didn't get along well and he reportedly made her job -- and life -- difficult.

Earlier this summer, conservative cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck exited the show. When Season 17 premieres on September 9th, Jenny McCarthy will take her place.

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