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"X-Files" Star Gillian Anderson Gets Naked ... with an Eel?!

Well, here's an image we never could have imagined seeing one day.

"The X-Files" star Gillian Anderson gets completely naked in a brand new photo shoot, preserving her modesty with a giant, deep sea Conger Eel

It's definitely a strange shot, but one that brings attention to an important cause.

The pic is part of a Fishlove campaign to bring attention to deep-sea trawling in European waters. Trawling is a method of fishing which involves the dragging of giant nets along the seabed, often destroying everything in their path.

We gotta say, creepy eel side, the 45-year-old actress looks pretty incredible in the photo, showing off her impressive physique and gorgeous face with natural makeup. 

How well have her former "X-Files" costars held up through the years though? Click the gallery above to find out for yourself!

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