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Nude Dylan Sprouse Pics Leak Online -- Former Child Star Reacts!

Take note famous people: If you take nude photos, they WILL find a way online.

The latest victim of a photo leak is former child star Dylan Sprouse, who starred in "Big Daddy" and shows like "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" with his brother Cole.

Two revealing pics were posted online and quickly went viral this weekend, one showing the now 21-year-old college student posing in just his boxers in front of a bathroom mirror (above). In the other, he's completely naked.

But, instead of denying the photos were of him (like some stars), he quickly fessed up on Twitter -- and his brother even chimed in on the salacious snaps ... and totally made fun of his junk.

Dylan definitely handled the situation perfectly, right? And, compared to some other former child stars out there right now, this isn't that big of a scandal. Attention on him will likely die down fairly quickly.

Dylan is currently attending New York University. 

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