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1806 days ago

  • Zac & Vanessa Glam It Up for a Good Cause

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    Has anyone seen these three movies, that you speak of?1759 days ago

  • Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy Tweet Breakup

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    Nothing is ever as it appears.1759 days ago

  • Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy Tweet Breakup

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    These two people are so stupid.1760 days ago

  • J-Hud: I Decided to do Weight Watchers

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    HEY GABBY SIDIBE, take note from Jennifer Hudson.

    Jennifer is losing the weight. She is becoming a hottie.1762 days ago

  • Live from New York ... It's Gabourey Sidibe!

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    Howard Stern was right about Gabby S. Show business is a business of making money...and show business gives people what they want, so they can get their money.

    And guess what, people like to go and see thin and pretty people at the movies. I know there is a (pretend) idea that women with curves (they really mean fat) are being accepted in the movies. I don't think so.

    Hollywood actresses are dying to be thin not dying to be fat.

    When Gabby S is on SNL but she can only play really one character because of her size.

    I hope someone will be honest with her. She could be really cute if she looses the weight. If she doesn't, she will be unknown in less than a year.

    1762 days ago

  • Gerard on Jen: I Never Grabbed Her Butler!

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    Obviously the fake relationship between these two glorius 'actors' couldn't get them box office hype, for their horrible movie, in the US.

    I am sure the rest of the world will lap it up and the movie will make its money back. (I know, I am from Europe)

    Then we will have to endure more Jen Anniston on tv, promoting another one of her horrible movies.1762 days ago

  • Down with the Bieber Fever!

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    What is the big deal about this kid?
    Talk to me in 10 years, and we will see if this kid is still around...then we can make a big deal about him.1762 days ago

  • Brit's Geek Chic Look -- How Much It Cost?

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    The glasses thing is dumb.

    So, people are paying a pretty penny to look dumb.

    Well isn't that great.1762 days ago

  • Kate Gosselin: 'A Lot of People Quit on Me'

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    She is such a bitch....if you watched her show you could see that, in her.1767 days ago

  • Ricky Martin: I Am a Fortunate Homosexual Man

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    Why is it news?

    We all knew 15 years ago, when he was on 'General

    He must be selling (I mean promoting) something.1768 days ago