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Katie M

1757 days ago

  • Kate Gosselin: 'Jon's There When He's There'

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    i mean honestly what is she doing so wrong??? Working, because it's in hollywood on tv for everyone to see/.(jealous). what about women who take business trips for days sometimes weeks..What about the other celebrities who leave there kids for months / days to make movies or myself who is gone 9 hours out the day because i have to work.. Why does that make her a bad mom?? she's in hollywood because of us watching her.. why not take advantage of the oppertunity// sure most of us would.. she has to make a living, why not try to make the most while you can never know when the 15 min will be up.. so her kids can enjoy life and maybe have a lil something when they older.As for John, grow up get a job and stop trying to pull any thing outta your hat to slam her// you were wrong left those kids to "enjoy life" well enjoy it when there 18 so they can understand not 7 and see you in all the magazines with all these ugly women... Grow's funny how you sued the show when they kicked you off.. why would you hurt your kids finanically to spite her..but it was ok when you were on it makeing bucks, soon as that money train stopped(because of your actions)then there was a problem.. help your kids not hurt them.. love you kate keep doing your thing and don't listen to these JEALOUS BITTER WOMEN who wish they were you (but minus the kids) 1757 days ago