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947 days ago

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  • Wow, They're 50?! -- Age-Defying Celebrities

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    Meg Ryan looks AWFUL. What in Gawd's name was she thinking, getting all that work done, and *who* is her surgeon?!

    Meg, honey - just say NO to the fillers and the "liquid face lifts". Kiss the ingenue hairdo buh-bye. It was a charming look - 20 years ago.

    946 days ago

  • Jane Fonda Turns 74 -- And More Age-Defying Beauties!

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    @TXluvsMJ2: I agree with you, to an extent. But even with cosmetic surgery, not "everyone who has money" could look good at that age. You also need to eat healthy, work out, don't smoke, watch liquor consumption, get sleep, etc.

    In other words, much of how a person looks in old age depends on how they've treated their body - inside and out - over the years. Cosmetic surgery is the icing on the cake.946 days ago