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1709 days ago

  • Britney Spears Attacks Paparazzi in New Music Video!

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    Britany's videos were always filled with's sad to watch her now...if it weren't for her dancers there would have been no energy in this performance.It's like she's counting steps and hitting marks, unsure of the next move. Sorry, but I think the girl really needs a break from all the exposure. She really doesn't seem to be enjoying it at all.On the radio she's safe and the songs will probably be hits because they are great for dancing but on the just isn't happening.1318 days ago

  • Jennifer Aniston Shows Skin in Sexy New Ad, Trailer

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    Not much of a star when you have to stoop to nudity to try and get your career moving...she is just so ordinary and her talent limited. Rachael was her strong suit, she should have quit then and avoided the embarassment.1333 days ago