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1611 days ago

  • Tori Spelling Shows Off Baby Bump, New Tattoo

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    I give Tori a lot of credit and respect her as she has to be a workaholic cause
    Her dead beat husband is a lamebrain who doesn't know what work is, he's a
    Lousy actor and knew what he was doing when he married Tori $$$$$$$$$
    1368 days ago

  • 'Dancing with the Stars' Results -- Who Got Eliminated?

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    Kendra is only there because of all. Hef's old fame ho's. She's vulgar,slutty
    And a disgrace to the show. She should have been the first one voted off1375 days ago

  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian's Risque Super Bowl Ad!

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    Kim is nothing but a fame whore, as everyone knows she has no talent
    Just reeks of sex, that's all she has going for her. She's not a girl a nice
    Guy would bring home to meet his parents........1453 days ago

  • NEWS: 'Basketball Wives' Star Slams Kim Kardashian!

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    As far as I'm concerned both Teen Mons and The Kardashions should be off
    T V as I find them both offensive.Kim is far from a roll model after all the
    Porn videos, naked photos etc.1454 days ago

  • Kim Zolciak -- Yes, I Pulled a Lohan

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    What happened to Big Popa, last I saw on t v she got engaged to him????1526 days ago

  • Brandy Booted from "Dancing"

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    I hope Bristol doesn't win as she certainly isn't even a good dancer.There are
    A lot of girls her age that deserve a chance and they haven't been known
    Because they had a baby, nor do they have a Mother as abnoxious as Sarah
    Palin.I am one of the thousands that won't watch the show again if she wins.
    Bristol and the rest of the Palins need to go back to Alaska........1534 days ago