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1472 days ago

  • FAB FOTOS! Jen Aniston Flashes Skin, Bashes "The Rachel"

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    Angelina may be ahead of Jennifer in the great acting jobs department, but other than that, I don't think so. Jennifer had a stable happy home life as kid, where as Angelina was busy cutting herself and sleeping around (which she even admits to). As far as the husband department...lets look at the evidence. Jennifer and Brad are happily married. Hot babe acts with Brad. Jennifer and Brad split up. Brad ends up with hot young babe. She admits she fell in love with him on the set of the movie...I'm thinkin hot babe did SOMETHING. And breaking up a couple is wrong. If he is willing to fool around on wifie, he's gonna fool around on you..HOWEVER, I think both are exellent women and role models- now.1472 days ago